Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1201.4595 (A. Morozov)

Challenges of beta-deformation    [PDF]

A. Morozov

1201.4690 (Ignazio Lacirasella et al.)

Reduction of symplectic principal $\mathbb{R}$-bundles    [PDF]

Ignazio Lacirasella, Juan Carlos Marrero, Edith Padrón

1201.4720 (P. M. Lavrov et al.)

Soft breaking of BRST symmetry and gauge dependence    [PDF]

P. M. Lavrov, O. V. Radchenko, A. A. Reshetnyak

1201.4929 (A. G. Nikitin)

Matrix superpotentials and superintegrable systems for arbitrary spin    [PDF]

A. G. Nikitin

1201.4935 (A. G. Nikitin et al.)

Symmetries and solutions of field equations of axion electrodynamics    [PDF]

A. G. Nikitin, Oksana Kuriksha

1201.5091 (Marco Frasca)

Quantum mechanics is the square root of a stochastic process    [PDF]

Marco Frasca

1201.5851 (Luigi Amico et al.)

Bethe Ansatz approach to the pairing fluctuations in the mesoscopic

Luigi Amico, Andreas Osterloh

1201.5914 (Boris Khesin)

Symplectic structures and dynamics on vortex membranes    [PDF]

Boris Khesin

1201.5916 (Jonathan M. Lilly)

The unity of instantaneous spectral moments and physical moments    [PDF]

Jonathan M. Lilly

1201.5920 (A. de O. Assun\ccão et al.)

New derivation of soliton solutions to the AKNS$_2$ system via dressing
transformation methods

A. de O. Assun\ccão, H. Blas, M. J. B. F. da Silva

1201.5924 (S Y Lou et al.)

From nothing to something: discrete integrable systems    [PDF]

S Y Lou, Yu-qi Li, Xiao-yan Tang

1201.5931 (Tamaghna Hazra et al.)

Exact solutions of coupled Liénard-type nonlinear systems using
factorization technique

Tamaghna Hazra, V. K. Chandrasekar, R. Gladwin Pradeep, M. Lakshmanan

1201.5979 (O. I. Mokhov)

On commutative subalgebras of the Weyl algebra that are related to
commuting operators of arbitrary rank and genus

O. I. Mokhov

1201.5987 (Dariusz Chruściński et al.)

Markovianity criteria for quantum evolution    [PDF]

Dariusz Chruściński, Andrzej Kossakowski

1201.5995 (Gniewomir Sarbicki et al.)

A class of exposed indecomposable positive maps    [PDF]

Gniewomir Sarbicki, Dariusz Chruściński

1201.6003 (Arthur Jaffe et al.)

Complex Classical Fields: A Framework for Reflection Positivity    [PDF]

Arthur Jaffe, Christian D. Jäkel, Roberto E. Marinez II

1201.6038 (Valentin V. Karasiev et al.)

Application of self-consistent $α$ method to improve the
performance of model exchange potentials

Valentin V. Karasiev, Eduardo V. Ludeña, Artëm E. Masunov

1201.6356 (Elena A. Kudryavtseva)

Periodic solutions of planetary systems with satellites and the
averaging method in systems with fast and slow variables

Elena A. Kudryavtseva

1201.6047 (Jason Hanson)

The exponential of the spin representation of the Lorentz algebra    [PDF]

Jason Hanson

1201.6070 (Vladimir Chernov et al.)

Smooth cosmic censorship    [PDF]

Vladimir Chernov, Stefan Nemirovski

1201.6077 (Piotr Ćwikliński et al.)

On region for fidelities of 1-3 universal quantum cloner    [PDF]

Piotr Ćwikliński, Michał Horodecki, Michał Studziński

1201.6111 (Gabriel C. Drummond-Cole)

Formal formality of the hypercommutative algebras of low dimensional
Calabi-Yau varieties

Gabriel C. Drummond-Cole

1201.6113 (J. An)

Fractional calculus, completely monotonic functions, a generalized
Mittag-Leffler function and phase-space consistency of separable augmented

J. An

1201.6135 (Anastasia Doikou et al.)

Solutions of the Generic Non-Compact Weyl Equation    [PDF]

Anastasia Doikou, Theodora Ioannidou

1201.6142 (Miloslav Znojil et al.)

Schroedinger equations with indefinite effective mass    [PDF]

Miloslav Znojil, Géza Lévai

1201.6247 (Mostafa Sabri)

Anderson Localization for a Multi-Particle Quantum Graph    [PDF]

Mostafa Sabri

1201.6285 (Christian Saemann et al.)

A Twistor Description of Six-Dimensional N=(1,1) Super Yang-Mills Theory    [PDF]

Christian Saemann, Robert Wimmer, Martin Wolf

1201.6301 (C. G. Beneventano et al.)

Heat trace asymptotics and the Gauss-Bonnet Theorem for general

C. G. Beneventano, P. Gilkey, K. Kirsten, E. M. Santangelo

1201.6314 (Sergio L. Cacciatori et al.)

Magic Coset Decompositions    [PDF]

Sergio L. Cacciatori, Bianca Letizia Cerchiai, Alessio Marrani

1201.6318 (T. Shreecharan)

Clebsch-Gordan coefficients for the Higgs algebra: The
Löwdin-Shapiro approach

T. Shreecharan

1201.6324 (Benoit Collins et al.)

Matrix Product States, Random Matrix Theory and the Principle of Maximum

Benoit Collins, Carlos E. Gonzalez-Guillen, David Perez-Garcia

1201.6390 (Olaf Lechtenfeld)

Instantons and Chern-Simons flows in 6, 7 and 8 dimensions    [PDF]

Olaf Lechtenfeld

1201.6405 (Steven M. Flores et al.)

Cluster pinch-point densities in polygons    [PDF]

Steven M. Flores, Peter Kleban, Robert M. Ziff

1201.6413 (Clement Ampadu)

Limit Theorems for Decoherent Two Dimensional Quantum Walks    [PDF]

Clement Ampadu

1201.6428 (M. A. Guzev)

Chirikov criterion of resonance overlapping for the model of molecular

M. A. Guzev

1201.6478 (Ying Shi et al.)

Solutions to the non-autonomous ABS lattice equations: Casoratians and

Ying Shi, Da-jun Zhang, Song-lin Zhao

1201.6479 (Giacomo Dimarco et al.)

High order asymptotic-preserving schemes for the Boltzmann equation    [PDF]

Giacomo Dimarco, Lorenzo Pareschi

1201.6500 (Kyoji Saito)

Limit elements in the configuration algebra for a cancellative monoid    [PDF]

Kyoji Saito

1201.6538 (Alois Pichler)

On A Rapidly Converging Series For The Riemann Zeta Function    [PDF]

Alois Pichler

1201.6541 (Miguel-Angel Sanchis-Lozano et al.)

Prime numbers, quantum field theory and the Goldbach conjecture    [PDF]

Miguel-Angel Sanchis-Lozano, J. Fernando Barbero G., Jose Navarro-Salas

1201.6552 (Diomba Sambou)

Résonances près de seuils d'opérateurs magnétiques de Pauli et
de Dirac

Diomba Sambou

1201.6555 (V. M. Red'kov et al.)

Classification of degenerate 4-dimensional matrices with semi-group
structure and polarization optics

V. M. Red'kov, E. M. Ovsiyuk

1201.6575 (Gerald Kaiser)

The Reactive Energy of Transient EM Fields    [PDF]

Gerald Kaiser

1201.6594 (Simona Olmi et al.)

Stability of the splay state in networks of pulse-coupled neurons    [PDF]

Simona Olmi, Antonio Politi, Alessandro Torcini

1201.6607 (V. Bessa et al.)

Wavefunctios of log-periodic oscillators    [PDF]

V. Bessa, I. Guedes

1201.6609 (Abhishek Agarwal et al.)

Supersymmetry and Mass Gap in 2+1 Dimensions: A Gauge Invariant
Hamiltonian Analysis

Abhishek Agarwal, V. P. Nair

1201.6637 (Bruno Iochum et al.)

Global and local aspects of spectral actions    [PDF]

Bruno Iochum, Cyril Levy, Dmitri Vassilevich

1201.6644 (Siu-Hung Ng)

Congruence property and Galois symmetry of modular categories    [PDF]

Siu-Hung Ng

1201.6645 (Xavier Bressaud et al.)

Mean-field forest-fire models and pruning of random trees    [PDF]

Xavier Bressaud, Nicolas Fournier

1201.6667 (Sergio L. Cacciatori et al.)

On the Scalar Manifold of Exceptional Supergravity    [PDF]

Sergio L. Cacciatori, Bianca L. Cerchiai, Alessio Marrani