Thursday, January 24, 2013

1301.5581 (Igor G. Korepanov)

Special 2-cocycles and 3--3 Pachner move relations in Grassmann algebra    [PDF]

Igor G. Korepanov

1301.5370 (Jacopo Bellazzini et al.)

Existence of ground states for negative ions at the binding threshold    [PDF]

Jacopo Bellazzini, Rupert L. Frank, Elliott H. Lieb, Robert Seiringer

1301.5420 (Felix Finster et al.)

A Non-Perturbative Construction of the Fermionic Projector on Globally
Hyperbolic Manifolds I - Space-Times of Finite Lifetime

Felix Finster, Moritz Reintjes

1301.5446 (A. V. Nazarenko)

Two-parametric hyperbolic octagons and reduced Teichmueller space in
genus two

A. V. Nazarenko

1301.5469 (Hans Dierckx et al.)

Drift Laws for Spiral Waves on Curved Anisotropic Surfaces    [PDF]

Hans Dierckx, Evelien Brisard, Henri Verschelde, Alexander Panfilov

1301.5474 (Josua Groeger)

Killing Vector Fields and Superharmonic Field Theories    [PDF]

Josua Groeger

1301.5480 (Won Sang Chung)

On the $q$-Laplace transform in the non-extensive statistical physics    [PDF]

Won Sang Chung

1301.5494 (François Golse)

On the Dynamics of Large Particle Systems in the Mean Field Limit    [PDF]

François Golse

1301.5501 (Zhanna Kuznetsova et al.)

Effects of Twisted Noncommutativity in Multi-particle Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Zhanna Kuznetsova, Francesco Toppan

1301.5505 (Toshiyuki Kobayashi)

Special Functions in Minimal Representations    [PDF]

Toshiyuki Kobayashi

1301.5508 (Radu Slobodeanu)

Shear-free perfect fluids with linear equation of state    [PDF]

Radu Slobodeanu

1301.5529 (Stephen C. Anco et al.)

Group-invariant solutions of semilinear Schrodinger equations in multi-

Stephen C. Anco, Wei Feng

1301.5530 (Emily Clader)

Landau-Ginzburg/Calabi-Yau correspondence for the complete intersections
X_{3,3} and X_{2,2,2,2}

Emily Clader

1301.5566 (Yoshinori Morimoto et al.)

A remark on the ultra-analytic smoothing properties of the spatially
homogeneous Landau equation

Yoshinori Morimoto, Karel Pravda-Starov, Chao-Jiang Xu

1301.5570 (Marcelo M. Disconzi)

Remarks on the Einstein-Euler-Entropy system    [PDF]

Marcelo M. Disconzi

1301.5574 (Nicola Bellomo et al.)

From the Micro-scale to Collective Crowd Dynamics    [PDF]

Nicola Bellomo, Abdelghani Bellouquid, Damian Knopoff

1301.5580 (Motohico Mulase et al.)

The spectral curve and the Schroedinger equation of double Hurwitz
numbers and higher spin structures

Motohico Mulase, Sergey Shadrin, Loek Spitz