Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1101.5551 (Hendrik De Bie et al.)

The Clifford Deformation of the Hermite Semigroup    [PDF]

Hendrik De Bie, Bent Orsted, Petr Somberg, Vladimir Soucek

1302.0836 (Tiberiu Harko et al.)

A class of exact solutions of the Liénard type ordinary non-linear
differential equation

Tiberiu Harko, Francisco S. N. Lobo, M. K. Mak

1302.0799 (Andrey Smirnov)

On the Instanton R-matrix    [PDF]

Andrey Smirnov

1302.0864 (Rutger-Jan Lange)

Potential theory, path integrals and the Laplacian of the indicator    [PDF]

Rutger-Jan Lange

1302.0901 (Gianni Dal Maso et al.)

One-dimensional swimmers in viscous fluids: dynamics, controllability,
and existence of optimal controls

Gianni Dal Maso, Antonio DeSimone, Marco Morandotti

1302.0919 (Zheng Ran)

Integrability and Hamiltonian system in isotropic turbulence    [PDF]

Zheng Ran

1302.0942 (Graeme W. Milton)

Sharp inequalities which generalize the divergence theorem    [PDF]

Graeme W. Milton

1302.0978 (A. I. Nikishov)

On summation of Kapteyn series    [PDF]

A. I. Nikishov

1302.1054 (Baptiste Savoie)

On the atomic orbital magnetism: A rigorous derivation of the Larmor and
Van Vleck contributions

Baptiste Savoie

1302.1135 (Sébastien Leurent et al.)

Multiple zeta functions and double wrapping in planar N=4 SYM    [PDF]

Sébastien Leurent, Dmytro Volin

1302.1139 (Tomoki Ohsawa et al.)

Symplectic Semiclassical Wave Packet Dynamics    [PDF]

Tomoki Ohsawa, Melvin Leok

1302.1146 (Carl D. Modes et al.)

A Geometric, Algorithmically Explicit Knotspace Template    [PDF]

Carl D. Modes, Marcelo O. Magnasco