Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1107.5533 (Susama Agarwala)

Geometrically relating momentum cut-off and dimensional regularization    [PDF]

Susama Agarwala

1211.4043 (Thalia D. Jeffres et al.)

Zeta Function on Surfaces of Revolution    [PDF]

Thalia D. Jeffres, Klaus Kirsten, Tianshi Lu

1211.4044 (Klaus Kirsten et al.)

Analytic surgery of the zeta function    [PDF]

Klaus Kirsten, Paul Loya

1211.4048 (Sergio Albeverio et al.)

Schrödinger operators with concentric $δ$-shells    [PDF]

Sergio Albeverio, Aleksey Kostenko, Mark Malamud, Hagen Neidhardt

1211.4070 (Tritos Ngampitipan et al.)

Bounding the Greybody Factors for Non-rotating Black Holes    [PDF]

Tritos Ngampitipan, Petarpa Boonserm

1211.4117 (Victor Castillo-Garate et al.)

The multiplicative anomaly of three or more commuting elliptic operators    [PDF]

Victor Castillo-Garate, Eduardo Friedman, Marius Mantoiu

1211.4141 (Daniel Ueltschi)

Quantum Heisenberg models and random loop representations    [PDF]

Daniel Ueltschi

1211.4144 (Amru Hussein)

definite second order differential operators on finite metric

Amru Hussein

1211.4162 (Ebrahim Karimi et al.)

Radial coherent and intelligent states of paraxial wave equation    [PDF]

Ebrahim Karimi, Enrico Santamato

1211.4164 (Jonathan Holland)

A note on the ultrahyperbolic wave equation in 3+3 dimensions    [PDF]

Jonathan Holland

1211.4168 (Giulio Ciraolo et al.)

A computational method for the Helmholtz equation in unbounded domains
based on the minimization of an integral functional

Giulio Ciraolo, Francesco Gargano, Vincenzo Sciacca

1211.4179 (Ori J. Ganor et al.)

Ground States of Duality-twisted Sigma-Models with K3 Target Space    [PDF]

Ori J. Ganor, Sharon Jue, Shannon McCurdy

1211.4200 (Ovidiu I. Patu et al.)

Correlation lengths of the repulsive one-dimensional Bose gas    [PDF]

Ovidiu I. Patu, Andreas Klumper

1211.4232 (V. Red'kov et al.)

Hawking Radiation in de Sitter Space: Calculation of the Reflection
Coefficient for Quantum Particles

V. Red'kov, E. Ovsiyuk, G. Krylov

1211.4236 (E. Ovsiyuk et al.)

Some Consequences from the Dirac-Kahler Theory: on Intrinsic Spinor
Sub-structure of the Different Boson Wave Functions

E. Ovsiyuk, O. Veko, V. Red'kov

1211.4255 (James A. Pauls et al.)

Quantum Coherence and Entanglement in the Avian Compass    [PDF]

James A. Pauls, Yiteng Zhang, Gennady P. Berman, Sabre Kais

1211.4274 (Rostyslav Kozhan)

Inverse Spectral theorem and point perturbations of eventually periodic
Jacobi matrices

Rostyslav Kozhan

1211.4314 (Ken Yamamoto)

Exact solution to a gambler's ruin problem with a nonzero halting

Ken Yamamoto

1211.4354 (R. Choudhury et al.)

Convergent Analytic Solutions for Homoclinic Orbits in Reversible and
Non-reversible Systems

R. Choudhury, G. Gambino

1211.4374 (Raphael Boll)

On Bianchi permutability of Bäcklund transformations for asymmetric

Raphael Boll

1211.4376 (I. V. Tanatarov et al.)

What happens to Petrov classification on horizons of axisymmetric dirty
black holes

I. V. Tanatarov, O. B. Zaslavskii

1211.4388 (K. Jansen et al.)

A first look at quasi-Monte Carlo for lattice field theory problems    [PDF]

K. Jansen, H. Leovey, A. Nube, A. Griewank, M. Mueller-Preussker

1211.4391 (Gastao S. F. Frederico et al.)

A Non-Differentiable Quantum Variational Embedding in Presence of Time

Gastao S. F. Frederico, Delfim F. M. Torres

1211.4403 (Joanna Gonera)

Conformal mechanics    [PDF]

Joanna Gonera

1211.4412 (G. Gambino et al.)

Pattern formation driven by cross--diffusion in a 2D domain    [PDF]

G. Gambino, M. C. Lombardo, M. Sammartino

1211.4426 (Horst Reinhard Beyer)

Nonuniqueness of Representations of Wave Equations in Lorentzian

Horst Reinhard Beyer

1211.4428 (A. Zabrodin)

Bethe ansatz and Hirota equation in integrable models    [PDF]

A. Zabrodin

1211.4449 (Peter E. Finch et al.)

The $D(D_{3})$-anyon chain: integrable boundary conditions and
excitation spectra

Peter E. Finch, Holger Frahm

1211.4461 (Siegfried Cools et al.)

An efficient multigrid method calculation of the far field map for
Helmholtz problems

Siegfried Cools, Bram Reps, Wim Vanroose

1211.4466 (Susama Agarwala)

Dynkin operators, renormalization and the geometric $β$ function    [PDF]

Susama Agarwala

1211.4478 (K. Gorska et al.)

Exact and explicit evaluation of Brezin-Hikami kernels    [PDF]

K. Gorska, K. A. Penson

1211.4481 (Swantje Bargmann et al.)

A revised exposition of the Green-Naghdi theory of heat propagation    [PDF]

Swantje Bargmann, Antonino Favata, Paolo Podio-Guidugli

1211.4536 (Alexei M. Frolov)

Three-particle integrals with the Bessel functions    [PDF]

Alexei M. Frolov

1211.4546 (A. Borowiec et al.)

New class of quantum deformations of D=4 Euclidean supersymmetry    [PDF]

A. Borowiec, J. Lukierski, M. Mozrzymas, V. N. Tolstoy

1211.4557 (John W. Barrett et al.)

A topological state sum model for fermions on the circle    [PDF]

John W. Barrett, Steven Kerr, Jorma Louko

1211.4560 (Joris Vankerschaver et al.)

A novel formulation of point vortex dynamics on the sphere: geometrical
and numerical aspects

Joris Vankerschaver, Melvin Leok

1211.4561 (Melvin Leok et al.)

Dirac Structures and Hamilton-Jacobi Theory for Lagrangian Mechanics on
Lie Algebroids

Melvin Leok, Diana Sosa

1211.4566 (Xiu-Xiong Chen et al.)

Kahler-Einstein metrics on Fano manifolds, I: approximation of metrics
with cone singularities

Xiu-Xiong Chen, Simon Donaldson, Song Sun