Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1303.6272 (Dan Solomon)

A Comment on the calculation of the Lie algebra cocycle in the book Loop

Dan Solomon

1303.6273 (W. H. Klink et al.)

Quantum Mechanics in Noninertial Reference Frames: Violations of the
Nonrelativistic Equivalence Principle

W. H. Klink, S. Wickramasekara

1303.6274 (W. H. Klink et al.)

Quantum Mechanics in non-inertial reference frames: time-dependent
rotations and loop prolongations

W. H. Klink, S. Wickramasekara

1303.6473 (Andrei Khrennikov)

Classical random field viewpoint to
Gorini-Kossakowski-Sudarshan-Lindblad equation and its linear and nonlinear

Andrei Khrennikov

1303.6304 (Michael J. Kastoryano et al.)

Rapid mixing implies exponential decay of correlations    [PDF]

Michael J. Kastoryano, Jens Eisert

1303.6320 (Miguel A. Bandres et al.)

Three-dimensional Accelerating Electromagnetic Waves    [PDF]

Miguel A. Bandres, Miguel A. Alonso, Ido Kaminer, Mordechai Segev

1303.6339 (Sungwook Lee et al.)

Can PT-Symmetric Quantum Mechanics be a Viable Alternative Quantum

Sungwook Lee, Lawrence R. Mead

1303.6341 (Dan Romik)

Connectivity patterns in loop percolation I: the rationality phenomenon
and constant term identities

Dan Romik

1303.6386 (Tobias Gulden et al.)

Statistical mechanics of Coulomb gases as quantum theory on Riemann

Tobias Gulden, Michael Janas, Peter Koroteev, Alex Kamenev

1303.6411 (Sven Peter Nasholm et al.)

Post-Processing Enhancement of Reverberation-Noise Suppression in
Dual-Frequency SURF Imaging

Sven Peter Nasholm, Rune Hansen, Bjørn A. J. Angelsen

1303.6427 (Paolo Antonelli et al.)

Asymptotic behavior of nonlinear Schroedinger Systems with Linear

Paolo Antonelli, Rada Maria Weishaeupl

1303.6444 (Stephen James Tate)

Virial Expansion Bounds    [PDF]

Stephen James Tate

1303.6450 (Bart Vlaar)

A non-symmetric Yang-Baxter algebra for the quantum nonlinear
Schrödinger model (PhD Thesis)

Bart Vlaar

1303.6498 (Marco Ghimenti et al.)

Number and profile of low energy solutions for singularly perturbed
Klein Gordon Maxwell systems on a Riemannian manifold

Marco Ghimenti, Anna Maria Micheletti

1303.6509 (Oleksandr Chvartatskyi et al.)

Additional reductions in the k-constrained modified KP hierarchy    [PDF]

Oleksandr Chvartatskyi, Yuriy Sydorenko

1303.6510 (Oleksandr Chvartatskyi et al.)

A new bidirectional generalization of (2+1)-dimensional matrix
k-constrained KP hierarchy

Oleksandr Chvartatskyi, Yuriy Sydorenko

1303.6534 (Vladimir Dragovic et al.)

Discriminantly separable polynomials and quad-graphs    [PDF]

Vladimir Dragovic, Katarina Kukic

1303.6551 (Jürgen Struckmeier)

Emerging of massive gauge particles in inhomogeneous local gauge
transformations: replacement of Higgs mechanism

Jürgen Struckmeier

1303.6587 (T. Amdeberhan et al.)

Form Sequences to Polynomials and Back, via Operator Orderings    [PDF]

T. Amdeberhan, V. De Angelis, A. Dixit, V. H. Moll, C. Vignat

1303.6589 (P. Busch et al.)

Effects as functions on projective Hilbert space    [PDF]

P. Busch, S. P. Gudder

1303.6624 (Paul Busch)

Stochastic Isometries in Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Paul Busch