Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1004.2471 (Fiammetta Battaglia et al.)

Ammann Tilings in Symplectic Geometry    [PDF]

Fiammetta Battaglia, Elisa Prato

1107.1167 (Gaëtan Borot et al.)

Asymptotic expansion of beta matrix models in the one-cut regime    [PDF]

Gaëtan Borot, Alice Guionnet

1107.5588 (A. B. Goncharov et al.)

Dimers and cluster integrable systems    [PDF]

A. B. Goncharov, R. Kenyon

1109.0595 (Zachary Slepian)

The Average Projected Area Theorem - Generalization to Higher Dimensions    [PDF]

Zachary Slepian

1112.2819 (Roberto Zucchini)

AKSZ models of semistrict higher gauge theory    [PDF]

Roberto Zucchini

1112.5937 (Corneliu Sochichiu)

Dirac lattice    [PDF]

Corneliu Sochichiu

1207.1582 (Laurent Chevillard et al.)

Gaussian multiplicative Chaos for symmetric isotropic matrices    [PDF]

Laurent Chevillard, Rémi Rhodes, Vincent Vargas

1211.2173 (Zoltan Kadar et al.)

Simulating continuous quantum systems by mean field fluctuations    [PDF]

Zoltan Kadar, Michael Keyl, Robert Matjeschk, Geza Toth, Zoltan Zimboras

1211.2240 (Nikita Nekrasov et al.)

Seiberg-Witten geometry of four dimensional N=2 quiver gauge theories    [PDF]

Nikita Nekrasov, Vasily Pestun

1211.2246 (Hajnal Andréka et al.)

A note on "Einstein's special relativity beyond the speed of light" by
James M. Hill and Barry J. Cox

Hajnal Andréka, Judit X. Madarász, István Németi, Gergely Székely

1211.2250 (Johannes Kellendonk et al.)

Meyer sets, topological eigenvalues, and Cantor fiber bundles    [PDF]

Johannes Kellendonk, Lorenzo Sadun

1211.2257 (Rudolf Hanel et al.)

Generalized entropies and logarithms and their duality relations    [PDF]

Rudolf Hanel, Stefan Thurner, Murray Gell-Mann

1211.2285 (Antonio C. Gutierrez-Pineres et al.)

A static axisymmetric exact solution of $f(R)$-gravity    [PDF]

Antonio C. Gutierrez-Pineres, Cesar S. Lopez-Monsalvo

1211.2302 (Vincent Bouchard et al.)

Think globally, compute locally    [PDF]

Vincent Bouchard, Bertrand Eynard

1211.2331 (Gregory W. Moore)

Four-dimensional N=2 Field Theory and Physical Mathematics    [PDF]

Gregory W. Moore

1211.2333 (Vincenzo Fioriti et al.)

Predicting the sources of an outbreak with a spectral technique    [PDF]

Vincenzo Fioriti, Marta Chinnici

1211.2342 (Ehtibar N. Dzhafarov et al.)

On Combinations of Concepts:CHSH Inequalities Do Not Tell Us Much in the
Absence of Marginal Selectivity

Ehtibar N. Dzhafarov, Janne V. Kujala

1211.2343 (H. Najar et al.)

On the spectrum of the Schrodinger Operator with Aharonov-Bohm Magnetic
Field in quantum waveguide with Neumann window

H. Najar, M. Rayssi

1211.2363 (Gabriel Pascu)

Atlas of Coordinate Charts on de Sitter Spacetime    [PDF]

Gabriel Pascu

1211.2391 (Alberto De Sole et al.)

Non-local Poisson structures and applications to the theory of
integrable systems II

Alberto De Sole, Victor G. Kac

1211.2392 (Yves Grandati)

A short proof of the Gaillard-Matveev theorem based on shape invariance

Yves Grandati

1211.2397 (P. E. G. Assis)

A(2|1) spectral equivalences and nonlocal integrals of motion    [PDF]

P. E. G. Assis

1211.2408 (Zouhair Mouayn)

Spin coherent states with monopole harmonics on the Riemann sphere for
the Kravchuk oscillator

Zouhair Mouayn

1211.2413 (Ehsan Hatefi)

Shedding light on new Wess-Zumino couplings with their corrections to
all orders in alpha-prime

Ehsan Hatefi

1211.2415 (Andrea Posilicano)

Markovian Extensions of Symmetric Second Order Elliptic Differential

Andrea Posilicano

1211.2438 (Henri Sulku)

Explicit Correlation Bounds for Expanding Circle Maps Using the Coupling

Henri Sulku

1211.2451 (Bertrand Duplantier et al.)

The Coefficient Problem and Multifractality of Whole-Plane SLE and LLE    [PDF]

Bertrand Duplantier, Nguyen Thi Phuong Chi, Nguyen Thi Thuy Nga, Michel Zinsmeister

1211.2461 (Vincent X. Genest et al.)

Bispectrality of the Complementary Bannai-Ito polynomials    [PDF]

Vincent X. Genest, Luc Vinet, Alexei Zhedanov

1211.2464 (A. Dvurečenskij et al.)

The lexicographic product of po-groups and $n$-perfect pseudo effect

A. Dvurečenskij, J. Krňávek

1211.2469 (Ko Sanders)

A note on spacelike and timelike compactness    [PDF]

Ko Sanders

1211.2477 (Roland Bauerschmidt et al.)

Structural stability of a dynamical system near a non-hyperbolic fixed

Roland Bauerschmidt, David C. Brydges, Gordon Slade

1211.2534 (Jipeng Cheng et al.)

On the squared eigenfunction symmetry of the Toda lattice hierarchy    [PDF]

Jipeng Cheng, Jingsong He

1211.2541 (David Krejcirik et al.)

Location of the essential spectrum in curved quantum layers    [PDF]

David Krejcirik, Zhiqin Lu

1211.2549 (A. R. Kuzmak et al.)

Quantum brachistochrone problem for two spins-1/2 with anisotropic
Heisenberg interaction

A. R. Kuzmak, V. M. Tkachuk

1211.2583 (Mehdi Ghommem et al.)

On the Shape Optimization of Flapping Wings and their Performance

Mehdi Ghommem, Nathan Collier, Antti H. Niemi, Victor M. Calo

1211.2624 (Cesar Manchein et al.)

Temperature Resistant Optimal Ratchet Transport    [PDF]

Cesar Manchein, Alan Celestino, Marcus W Beims

1211.2637 (Bernd Jantzen)

New proofs for the two Barnes lemmas and an additional lemma    [PDF]

Bernd Jantzen

1211.2643 (A. Ossipov)

Anderson localization on a simplex    [PDF]

A. Ossipov

1211.2661 (Ünver Çiftçi)

Stabilization of reacting systems    [PDF]

Ünver Çiftçi

1211.2676 (Davide Masoero et al.)

A deformation of the method of characteristics and the Cauchy problem
for Hamiltonian PDEs in the small dispersion limit

Davide Masoero, Andrea Raimondo

1211.2682 (Henry O. Jacobs)

Swimming as a limit cycle    [PDF]

Henry O. Jacobs

1211.2685 (E. Minguzzi)

Causality of spacetimes admitting a parallel null vector and weak KAM

E. Minguzzi

1211.2693 (HyunSuk Lee et al.)

Multiplying decomposition of stress/strain, constitutive/compliance
relations, and strain energy

HyunSuk Lee, Jinkyu Kim

1211.2712 (Narutaka Ozawa)

Tsirelson's Problem and Asymptotically Commuting Unitary Matrices    [PDF]

Narutaka Ozawa

1211.2714 (Alessandro Nigro)

Lattice Integrals of Motion of the Ising Model on the Strip    [PDF]

Alessandro Nigro

1211.2715 (Alessandro Nigro)

Free Field realization of the $\hat{\mathcal{D}}_q$ Algebra for the
$η$-$ξ$ system, Integrals of Motion and Characters

Alessandro Nigro

1211.2766 (Brendan Pass)

Remarks on the semi-classical Hohenberg-Kohn functional    [PDF]

Brendan Pass

1211.2778 (Mathieu Lewin et al.)

Bogoliubov spectrum of interacting Bose gases    [PDF]

Mathieu Lewin, Phan Thành Nam, Sylvia Serfaty, Jan Philip Solovej

1211.2784 (Paul B. Slater)

Toward Exact 2 x 2 Hilbert-Schmidt Determinantal Probability
Distributions via Mellin Transforms and Other Approaches

Paul B. Slater

1211.2788 (A. A. Belavin et al.)

Bases in coset conformal field theory from AGT correspondence and
Macdonald polynomials at the roots of unity

A. A. Belavin, M. A. Bershtein, G. M. Tarnopolsky