Thursday, June 6, 2013

1104.3150 (Yuri Godin et al.)

Lyapunov exponent of the random Schrödinger operator with
short-range correlated noise potential

Yuri Godin, Stanislav Molchanov, Boris Vainberg

1306.0482 (Stephen L. Adler)

Incorporating gravity into trace dynamics: the induced gravitational

Stephen L. Adler

1306.1139 (G. Dattoli et al.)

Bunching coefficients in Echo-Enabled Harmonic Generation    [PDF]

G. Dattoli, E. Sabia

1306.0716 (Martin Kliesch et al.)

Lieb-Robinson bounds and the simulation of time evolution of local
observables in lattice systems

Martin Kliesch, Christian Gogolin, Jens Eisert

1306.0921 (Robert Dabrowski et al.)

Fractionalized Non-Self-Dual Solutions in the CP(N-1) Model    [PDF]

Robert Dabrowski, Gerald V. Dunne

1306.0933 (M. S. Cunha et al.)

Analytic results in the position-dependent mass Schrodinger problem    [PDF]

M. S. Cunha, H. R. Christiansen

1306.0962 (Masataka Kanki)

Studies on the discrete integrable equations over finite fields    [PDF]

Masataka Kanki

1306.1022 (Matti Raasakka et al.)

Combinatorial Hopf algebra for the Ben Geloun-Rivasseau tensor field

Matti Raasakka, Adrian Tanasa

1306.1023 (Eckhard Hitzer)

Quaternion Fourier Transform on Quaternion Fields and Generalizations    [PDF]

Eckhard Hitzer

1306.1037 (Jérôme Perez et al.)

The Jungle Universe and its Twisting Species    [PDF]

Jérôme Perez, André Füzfa, Timoteo Carletti, Laurence Mélot, Laurent Guedezounme

1306.1047 (Yu Xiang et al.)

Saari's Conjecture and Variational Minimal Solutions for $N$-Body

Yu Xiang, Zhang Shiqing

1306.1058 (Romeo Brunetti et al.)

Quantum gravity from the point of view of locally covariant quantum
field theory

Romeo Brunetti, Klaus Fredenhagen, Katarzyna Rejzner

1306.1111 (Alexander Alexandrov et al.)

The master T-operator for the Gaudin model and the KP hierarchy    [PDF]

Alexander Alexandrov, Sebastien Leurent, Zengo Tsuboi, Anton Zabrodin

1306.1162 (Barbara A. Shipman et al.)

Lorentz-Conformal Transformations in the Plane    [PDF]

Barbara A. Shipman, Patrick D. Shipman, Stephen P. Shipman

1306.1201 (Joseph Ben Geloun)

Renormalizable Models in Rank $d\geq 2$ Tensorial Group Field Theory    [PDF]

Joseph Ben Geloun

1306.1214 (Damien Mondragon et al.)

Determination of all pure quantum states from a minimal number of

Damien Mondragon, Vladislav Voroninski

1306.1220 (Kung-Chien Wu)

Global in Time Estimates for the Spatially Homogeneous Landau Equation
for Soft Potentials

Kung-Chien Wu

1306.1224 (Victor H. Moll et al.)

On polynomials connected to powers of Bessel functions    [PDF]

Victor H. Moll, C. Vignat