Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1009.4062 (Jesper L. Jacobsen et al.)

Is the five-flow conjecture almost false?    [PDF]

Jesper L. Jacobsen, Jesus Salas

1307.0054 (Y. Suhov et al.)

FK-DLR properties of a quantum bose-gas with a repulsive interaction    [PDF]

Y. Suhov, I. Stuhl

1307.0074 (Jussi Behrndt et al.)

Schrödinger operators with δ- and δ'-interactions on
Lipschitz surfaces and chromatic numbers of associated partitions

Jussi Behrndt, Pavel Exner, Vladimir Lotoreichik

1307.0094 (Giada Basile et al.)

Energy Diffusion in Harmonic System with Conservative Noise    [PDF]

Giada Basile, Stefano Olla

1307.0095 (P. Di Francesco)

T-systems, networks and dimers    [PDF]

P. Di Francesco

1307.0122 (S. Capriotti et al.)

Integrable systems on semidirect product Lie groups    [PDF]

S. Capriotti, H. Montani

1307.0139 (David Gontier)

$N$-representability in non-collinear spin-polarized density functional

David Gontier

1307.0198 (Yas-Hiro Quano)

Spontaneous polarization of spin 1 analogue of the eight-vertex model    [PDF]

Yas-Hiro Quano

1307.0243 (Michael Lashkevich et al.)

Form factors in sinh- and sine-Gordon models, deformed Virasoro algebra,
Macdonald polynomials and resonance identities

Michael Lashkevich, Yaroslav Pugai

1307.0248 (Dmitry Pelinovsky et al.)

Universal power law for the energy spectrum of breaking Riemann waves    [PDF]

Dmitry Pelinovsky, Efim Pelinovsky, Elena Kartashova, Tatjana Talipova, Ayrat Giniyatullin

1307.0267 (Hideki Omori et al.)

Deformation Expression for Elements of Algebras (VIII) --SU(2)-vacuum
and the regular representation space--

Hideki Omori, Yoshiaki Maeda, Naoya Miyazaki, Akira Yoshioka

1307.0279 (Paolo Amore)

One cannot hear the density of a drum (and further aspects of

Paolo Amore

1307.0280 (Junpeng Cao et al.)

Spin-1/2 XYZ model revisit: general solutions via off-diagonal Bethe

Junpeng Cao, Wen-Li Yang, Kang-Jie Shi, upeng Wang

1307.0409 (Matthew T. Calef et al.)

Asymptotic Differences in Energies of Stable and Minimal Point
Configurations on S^2 and the Role of Defects

Matthew T. Calef, Christopher A. Fichtl, Whitney C. Goulart, Douglas P. Hardin, Alexia E. Schulz

1307.0454 (Johannes Huebschmann et al.)

Kaehler structures on T*G having as underlying symplectic form the
standard one

Johannes Huebschmann, Karl Leicht

1307.0465 (Volker Bach et al.)

Representability Conditions by Grassmann Integration    [PDF]

Volker Bach, Hans Konrad Knörr, Edmund Menge

1307.0481 (Caroline Kalla et al.)

Baker-Akhiezer spinor kernel and tau-functions on moduli spaces of
meromorphic differentials

Caroline Kalla, Dmitry Korotkin

1307.0482 (Marcos Brum et al.)

Modified Sorkin-Johnston states on Static and Expanding Spacetimes    [PDF]

Marcos Brum, Klaus Fredenhagen

1307.0493 (Daniel Burns et al.)

The exponential map of the complexification of {\em Ham} in the
real-analytic case

Daniel Burns, Ernesto Lupercio, Alejandro Uribe