Monday, May 7, 2012

1102.0281 (Andrea Brini)

Open topological strings and integrable hierarchies: Remodeling the

Andrea Brini

1106.2234 (Victor Chulaevsky)

Direct Scaling Analysis of localization in disordered systems. II.
Multi-particle lattice systems

Victor Chulaevsky

1201.1771 (Sergey A. Denisov)

Double exponential growth of the vorticity gradient for the
two-dimensional Euler equation

Sergey A. Denisov

1205.0861 (Plamen Stefanov et al.)

Is a curved flight path in SAR better than a straight one?    [PDF]

Plamen Stefanov, Gunther Uhlmann

1205.0863 (José A. Vallejo)

Introducción a la supersimetría    [PDF]

José A. Vallejo

1205.0865 (E. López et al.)

The principle of stationary action in the calculus of variations    [PDF]

E. López, A. Molgado, J. A. Vallejo

1205.0882 (G. Dimarco et al.)

Asymptotic preserving Implicit-Explicit Runge-Kutta methods for non
linear kinetic equations

G. Dimarco, L. Pareschi

1205.0884 (Vicente J. Bolós)

Kinematic relative velocity with respect to stationary observers in
Schwarzschild spacetime

Vicente J. Bolós

1205.0904 (Francis W. Lemire et al.)

Decompositions of hybrid characters in terms of orbit functions    [PDF]

Francis W. Lemire, Jiri Patera, Marzena Szajewska

1205.0920 (Ioan Bucataru)

A setting for higher order differential equations fields and higher
order Lagrange and Finsler spaces

Ioan Bucataru

1205.0926 (Abdullah Algin et al.)

High temperature behavior of a deformed Fermi gas obeying interpolating

Abdullah Algin, Mustafa Senay

1205.0937 (Pouria Pedram)

One-dimensional hydrogen atom with minimal length uncertainty and
maximal momentum

Pouria Pedram

1205.1017 (Ł. T. Stȩpień)

The existence of Bogomolny decomposition for gauged restricted baby
Skyrme model

Ł. T. Stȩpień

1205.1029 (B. G. Pusztai)

On the r-matrix structure of the hyperbolic BC(n) Sutherland model    [PDF]

B. G. Pusztai

1205.1038 (J. Holt et al.)

Non-Random Perturbations of the Anderson Hamiltonian in the 1-D case    [PDF]

J. Holt, S. Molchanov, B. Vainberg