Friday, August 17, 2012

1104.0067 (Peruzan Dadbeh)

Inverse and Determinant in 0 to 5 Dimensional Clifford Algebra    [PDF]

Peruzan Dadbeh

1201.3924 (Gustavo Arciniega et al.)

Topological quantization of the free massive bosonic field    [PDF]

Gustavo Arciniega, Francisco Nettel, Leonardo PatiƱo, Hernando Quevedo

1208.3429 (Michael S. Milgram)

Integral and Series Representations of Riemann's Zeta function,
Dirichelet's Eta Function and a Medley of Related Results

Michael S. Milgram

1208.3262 (Ralph M. Kaufmann et al.)

Singularities, swallowtails and Dirac points. An analysis for families
of Hamiltonians and applications to wire networks, especially the Gyroid

Ralph M. Kaufmann, Sergei Khlebnikov, Birgit Wehefritz-Kaufmann

1208.3266 (Ralph M. Kaufmann et al.)

Re-gauging groupoid, symmetries and degeneracies for Graph Hamiltonians
and applications to the Gyroid wire network

Ralph M. Kaufmann, Sergei Khlebnikov, Birgit Wehefritz-Kaufmann

1208.3283 (O. Costin et al.)

Decay estimates for One-dimensional wave equations with inverse power

O. Costin, M. Huang

1208.3331 (Thomas Blesgen)

Domain partitioning as a result of deformation in the framework of
large-strain Cosserat plasticity

Thomas Blesgen

1208.3345 (Anthony J. Guttmann et al.)

An integral arising from the chiral sl(n) Potts model    [PDF]

Anthony J. Guttmann, Mathew D. Rogers

1208.3350 (M. Yaseen et al.)

The DJ method for exact solutions of Laplace equation    [PDF]

M. Yaseen, M. Samraiz, S. Naheed

1208.3366 (Farrukh Mukhamedov et al.)

Phase transitions for $P$-adic Potts model on the Cayley tree of order

Farrukh Mukhamedov, Hasan Akin

1208.3367 (R. P. Malik et al.)

N = 2 Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanical Models and Hodge Theory    [PDF]

R. P. Malik, Avinash Khare

1208.3382 (Yan Li et al.)

Higgs algebraic symmetry of screened system in a spherical geometry    [PDF]

Yan Li, Fu-Lin Zhang, Jing-Ling Chen

1208.3396 (Hynek Kovarik)

On the lowest eigenvalue of Laplace operators with mixed boundary

Hynek Kovarik

1208.3418 (M. Goykhman et al.)

Super Landau Models on Odd Cosets    [PDF]

M. Goykhman, E. Ivanov, S. Sidorov

1208.3443 (Leonid Petrov)

The Boundary of the Gelfand-Tsetlin Graph: New Proof of
Borodin-Olshanski's Formula, and its q-analogue

Leonid Petrov