Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1009.4996 (Anatoly N. Kochubei)

Fractional-Parabolic Systems    [PDF]

Anatoly N. Kochubei

1107.0788 (Sébastien Breteaux)

A geometric derivation of the linear Boltzmann equation for a particle
interacting with a Gaussian random field

Sébastien Breteaux

1109.4515 (Madeleine Jotz et al.)

Foliated groupoids and their infinitesimal data    [PDF]

Madeleine Jotz, Cristian Ortiz

1111.0357 (Hossein Movasati)

Modular-type functions attached to mirror quintic Calabi-Yau varieties    [PDF]

Hossein Movasati

1206.5312 (Nadirashvili Nikolai)

On stationary solutions of two-dimensional Euler Equation    [PDF]

Nadirashvili Nikolai

1206.5319 (Theo Johnson-Freyd)

Homological perturbation theory for nonperturbative integrals    [PDF]

Theo Johnson-Freyd

1206.5390 (Huai-liang. Chang et al.)

An algebraic proof of the hyperplane property of the genus one
GW-invariants of quintics

Huai-liang. Chang, Jun Li

1206.5408 (John H. Connell)

Sommerfeld Fine-Structure Formula for Two-Body Atoms    [PDF]

John H. Connell

1206.5409 (Sergey Dobrokhotov et al.)

The semi-classical Maupertuis-Jacobi correspondence: stable and unstable

Sergey Dobrokhotov, Michel Rouleux

1206.5410 (M. l Escobedo et al.)

Finite time blow-up for the bosonic Nordheim equation    [PDF]

M. l Escobedo, J. J. L. Velázquez

1206.5455 (Kazumi Suematsu)

Entropy Change in the Carnot Cycle: Entropy in the Adiabatic Process    [PDF]

Kazumi Suematsu

1206.5484 (Romeo Brunetti et al.)

The Locality Axiom in Quantum Field Theory and Tensor Products of

Romeo Brunetti, Klaus Fredenhagen, Paniz Imani, Katarzyna Rejzner

1206.5489 (Stuart James Hall et al.)

On the spectrum of the Page and the Chen-LeBrun-Weber metrics    [PDF]

Stuart James Hall, Thomas Murphy

1206.5499 (Zouhaïr Mouayn)

Husimi's Q-function isotonic oscillator in a generalized negative
binomial states representation

Zouhaïr Mouayn

1206.5504 (Minh Thanh Duong et al.)

Singular quadratic Lie superalgebras    [PDF]

Minh Thanh Duong, Rosane Ushirobira

1206.5511 (Davi Máximo et al.)

Hawking mass and local rigidity of minimal two-spheres in

Davi Máximo, Ivaldo Nunes

1206.5518 (A. G. Ramm)

Dynamical Systems Method for solving nonlinear operator equations in
Banach spaces

A. G. Ramm

1206.5551 (Muneto Nitta)

Knotted instantons from annihilations of monopole-instanton complex    [PDF]

Muneto Nitta

1206.5653 (Badis Ydri et al.)

The fate of the Wilson-Fisher fixed point in non-commutative φ^4    [PDF]

Badis Ydri, Adel Bouchareb

1206.5709 (Annalisa Marzuoli et al.)

Fault-tolerant mosaic encoding in knot-based cryptography    [PDF]

Annalisa Marzuoli, Giandomenico Palumbo

1206.5716 (Gregor Schaumann)

Traces on Module Categories over Fusion Categories    [PDF]

Gregor Schaumann

1206.5727 (Bernhard Baumgartner)

Characterizing Entropy in Statistical Physics and in Quantum Information

Bernhard Baumgartner

1206.5748 (Calvin W. Johnson)

The origin of order in random matrices with symmetries    [PDF]

Calvin W. Johnson