Tuesday, April 30, 2013

0911.2179 (David Li-Bland et al.)

Quasi-Hamiltonian groupoids and multiplicative Manin pairs    [PDF]

David Li-Bland, Pavol Severa

1110.2453 (Jonathan Eckhardt et al.)

Uniqueness Results for Schroedinger Operators on the Line with Purely
Discrete Spectra

Jonathan Eckhardt, Gerald Teschl

1208.5147 (David Hansmann et al.)

Coarse grained approach for volume conserving models    [PDF]

David Hansmann, Rubén C. Buceta

1304.7293 (Carles Batlle et al.)

Symmetries of the free Schrodinger equation in the non-commutative plane    [PDF]

Carles Batlle, Joaquim Gomis, Kiyoshi Kamimura

1304.7303 (Badis Ydri et al.)

Matrix Model Fixed Point of Noncommutative Phi-Four    [PDF]

Badis Ydri, Rachid Ahmim

1304.7310 (Svinin Andrei)

On some class of differential-difference equations admitting Lax

Svinin Andrei

1304.7328 (Andre Henriques)

Three-tier CFTs from Frobenius algebras    [PDF]

Andre Henriques

1304.7347 (M. Fernandes et al.)

The Metaplectic Group, the Symplectic Spinor and the Gouy Phase    [PDF]

M. Fernandes, B. J. Hiley

1304.7430 (Jeongoo Cheh)

On Local Congruence of Immersions in Homogeneous or Nonhomogeneous

Jeongoo Cheh

1304.7442 (Yuan Li et al.)

Von Neumann entropy and majorization    [PDF]

Yuan Li, Paul Busch

1304.7444 (P. A. Gourgiotis et al.)

Steady-State Propagation of a Mode II Crack in Couple Stress Elasticity    [PDF]

P. A. Gourgiotis, A. Piccolroaz

1304.7446 (Piergiulio Tempesta)

Integrable maps from Galois differential algebras, Borel transforms and
number sequences

Piergiulio Tempesta

1304.7455 (Yoshio Yamaguchi et al.)

Eigenvalues of the Breit Equation    [PDF]

Yoshio Yamaguchi, Hikoya Kasari

1304.7477 (Xinyi Li et al.)

Large deviations for occupation time profiles of random interlacements    [PDF]

Xinyi Li, Alain-Sol Sznitman

1304.7478 (Giuseppe De Nittis et al.)

Topological Polarization in Graphene-like Systems    [PDF]

Giuseppe De Nittis, Max Lein

1304.7494 (Roman Matsyuk)

Third-order relativistic dynamics: classical spinning particle
travelling in a plane

Roman Matsyuk

1304.7500 (M. V. Movshev et al.)

Generalized Chern-Simons action and maximally supersymmetric gauge

M. V. Movshev, A. Schwarz

1304.7527 (Alexander Alldridge et al.)

Singular superspaces    [PDF]

Alexander Alldridge, Joachim Hilgert, Tilmann Wurzbacher

1304.7550 (Rafael D. Sorkin)

Does a Quantum Particle Know its Own Energy?    [PDF]

Rafael D. Sorkin

1304.7556 (Yi-Zhi Huang et al.)

Tensor categories and the mathematics of rational and logarithmic
conformal field theory

Yi-Zhi Huang, James Lepowsky

1304.7557 (L. P. Teo)

Electromagnetic Casimir effect on the boundary of a D-dimensional cavity
and the high temperature asymptotics

L. P. Teo

1304.7569 (Djalil Chafaï et al.)

First order global asymptotics for Calogero-Sutherland gases    [PDF]

Djalil Chafaï, Nathael Gozlan, Pierre-André Zitt

1304.7583 (Ali H. Chamseddine et al.)

Inner Fluctuations in Noncommutative Geometry without the first order

Ali H. Chamseddine, Alain Connes, Walter D. van Suijlekom

1304.7602 (S. Belliard et al.)

Bethe vectors of quantum integrable models with GL(3) trigonometric

S. Belliard, S. Pakuliak, E. Ragoucy, N. A. Slavnov

1304.7616 (Partha Sarathi Chakraborty et al.)

Equivalence of Two Approaches to Yang-Mills on Non-commutative Torus    [PDF]

Partha Sarathi Chakraborty, Satyajit Guin

1304.7617 (Partha Sarathi Chakraborty et al.)

Yang- Mills on Quantum Heisenberg Manifolds    [PDF]

Partha Sarathi Chakraborty, Satyajit Guin

1304.7679 (Tiago Pereira et al.)

Towards a general theory for coupling functions allowing persistent

Tiago Pereira, Jaap Eldering, Martin Rasmussen, Alexei Veneziani

1304.7682 (Henning Bostelmann et al.)

Quantum Energy Inequality for the Massive Ising Model    [PDF]

Henning Bostelmann, Daniela Cadamuro, Christopher J. Fewster

1304.7696 (Pavel Exner et al.)

Spectral asymptotics of a strong $δ'$ interaction on a planar loop    [PDF]

Pavel Exner, Michal Jex

1304.7699 (Leonardo Colombo et al.)

Unified formalism for higher-order variational problems and its
applications in optimal control

Leonardo Colombo, Pedro D. Prieto-Martínez

1304.7730 (Francesco Caravelli)

On cuts and bounds in cGFT using GEMs    [PDF]

Francesco Caravelli