Monday, February 18, 2013

1108.4221 (Hinnerk Albert)

A classical solution in SU(2) Yang-Mills gauge theory    [PDF]

Hinnerk Albert

1211.5392 (Yago Ascasibar et al.)

An approximate treatment of gravitational collapse    [PDF]

Yago Ascasibar, Rafael Granero-Belinchón, José Manuel Moreno

1302.3471 (Spencer Bloch)

A Note on Twistor Integrals    [PDF]

Spencer Bloch

1302.3635 (M. Avendaño Camacho et al.)

Homological Equation for Tensor Field and Periodic Averaging    [PDF]

M. Avendaño Camacho, Yu. Vorobiev

1302.3637 (N. P. et al.)

Quantization and superselection sectors III: Multiply connected spaces
and indistinguishable particles

N. P., Landsman

1302.3640 (Constanza Rojas-Molina)

The Anderson model with missing sites    [PDF]

Constanza Rojas-Molina

1302.3680 (Achim Kempf)

Quantum Gravity on a Quantum Computer?    [PDF]

Achim Kempf

1302.3778 (G. Vartanov et al.)

Supersymmetric gauge theories, quantization of moduli spaces of flat
connections, and conformal field theory

G. Vartanov, J. Teschner

1302.3780 (Marcelo M. Disconzi)

Some a priori estimates for a critical Schrodinger-Newton equation    [PDF]

Marcelo M. Disconzi

1302.3803 (Taksu Cheon et al.)

Quantum anholonomy with topology change    [PDF]

Taksu Cheon, Atushi Tanaka, Ond\vrej Turek

1302.3814 (Jacopo Bellazzini et al.)

Multi-solitary waves for the nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation    [PDF]

Jacopo Bellazzini, Marco Ghimenti, Stefan Le Coz

1302.3865 (Elliott H. Lieb et al.)

Upper bounds on mixing rates    [PDF]

Elliott H. Lieb, Anna Vershynina

1302.3879 (Benjamin Dodson et al.)

A controlling norm for energy-critical Schrödinger maps    [PDF]

Benjamin Dodson, Paul Smith