Friday, April 26, 2013

1006.5264 (Guo-cheng Wu et al.)

Fractional Adomian Decomposition Method    [PDF]

Guo-cheng Wu, Ji-Huan He

1110.4776 (V. A. Malyshev et al.)

Explicit asymptotic velocity of the boundary between particles and

V. A. Malyshev, A. D. Manita, A. A. Zamyatin

1304.6744 (Lingyun Li et al.)

Central Limit Theorem for Linear Statistics of Eigenvalues of Band
Random Matrices

Lingyun Li, Alexander Soshnikov

1304.6787 (Ivan Chi-Ho Ip et al.)

Supersymmetry and the Modular Double    [PDF]

Ivan Chi-Ho Ip, Anton M. Zeitlin

1304.6790 (S. Molchanov et al.)

On mathematical foundation of the Brownian motor theory, I    [PDF]

S. Molchanov, B. Vainberg

1304.6814 (Alexandre Boritchev)

Turbulence for the generalised Burgers equation    [PDF]

Alexandre Boritchev

1304.6864 (A. I. Zenchuk)

Particular solutions to multidimensional PDEs with KdV-type nonlinearity    [PDF]

A. I. Zenchuk

1304.6913 (Victor Chulaevsky)

On the regularity of the conditional distribution of the sample mean    [PDF]

Victor Chulaevsky

1304.6937 (Andrew R. Booker et al.)

Detecting squarefree numbers    [PDF]

Andrew R. Booker, Ghaith A. Hiary, Jon P. Keating