Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1101.1621 (Julia Wildeboer et al.)

Linear independence of nearest-neighbor valence bond states in several
two-dimensional lattices

Julia Wildeboer, Alexander Seidel

1104.4835 (Snigdhayan Mahanta)

Twisted K-theory, K-homology and bivariant Chern-Connes type character
of some infinite dimensional spaces

Snigdhayan Mahanta

1106.5342 (Christian Korff)

The su(n) WZNW fusion ring as integrable model: a new algorithm to
compute fusion coefficients

Christian Korff

1209.3321 (Zi Chen et al.)

Continuum Elasticity Theory Approach for Spontaneous Bending and
Twisting of Ribbons Induced by Mechanical Anisotropy

Zi Chen, Carmel Majidi, David J. Srolovitz, Mikko Haataja

1209.3359 (Sachiko Saito)

On real anti-bicanonical curves with one double point on the 4-th real
Hirzebruch surface

Sachiko Saito

1209.3385 (Tatyana Shcherbina)

On the second mixed moment of the characteristic polynomials of the 1D
band matrices

Tatyana Shcherbina

1209.3446 (Walid Abou Salem et al.)

Existence and nonlinear stability of stationary states for the
semi-relativistic Schrödinger-Poisson system

Walid Abou Salem, Thomas Chen, Vitali Vougalter

1209.3462 (Tarek M. A. El-Mistikawy)

Motion of a spherical solid particle in Couette flow: exact solution vs.
homotopy perturbation approximation with and without Pade approximants

Tarek M. A. El-Mistikawy

1209.3465 (Marek Czachor)

Regularization just by quantization -- a new approach to the old problem
of infinities in quantum field theory (Draft of lecture notes - Part 1)

Marek Czachor

1209.3472 (F. Kleefeld)

Complex Covariance    [PDF]

F. Kleefeld

1209.3492 (Madarász X. Judit et al.)

Special Relativity over the Field of Rational Numbers    [PDF]

Madarász X. Judit, Gergely Székely

1209.3535 (Xiaosen Han et al.)

Doubly Periodic Self-Dual Vortices for a Relativistic Non-Abelian
Chern--Simons Model

Xiaosen Han, Gabriella Tarantello

1209.3544 (Larisa Beilina et al.)

A new approximate mathematical model for global convergence for a
coefficient inverse problem with backscattering data

Larisa Beilina, Michael V. Klibanov

1209.3596 (Santiago Capriotti)

Differential geometry, Palatini gravity and reduction    [PDF]

Santiago Capriotti

1209.3603 (Victor Dotsenko)

Replica Bethe ansatz derivation of the GOE Tracy-Widom distribution in
one-dimensional directed polymers with free boundary conditions

Victor Dotsenko

1209.3619 (T. J. Sullivan et al.)

Thermalization of rate-independent processes by entropic regularization    [PDF]

T. J. Sullivan, M. Koslowski, F. Theil, M. Ortiz

1209.3630 (R. A. Kraenkel et al.)

On certain new exact solutions of a diffusive predator-prey system    [PDF]

R. A. Kraenkel, K. Manikandan, M. Senthilvelan

1209.3632 (John C. Baez et al.)

A Course on Quantum Techniques for Stochastic Mechanics    [PDF]

John C. Baez, Jacob Biamonte

1209.3639 (Alexander C. R. Belton et al.)

An algebraic construction of quantum flows with unbounded generators    [PDF]

Alexander C. R. Belton, Stephen J. Wills

1209.3642 (Phan Thành Nam)

On the number of electrons that a nucleus can bind    [PDF]

Phan Thành Nam

1209.3675 (V. Jaksic et al.)

Entropic fluctuations in XY chains and reflectionless Jacobi matrices    [PDF]

V. Jaksic, B. Landon, C. -A. Pillet

1209.3696 (Stan Alama et al.)

Singular Limits for Thin Film Superconductors in Strong Magnetic Fields
- Maan Field Model for Thin Films

Stan Alama, Lia Bronsard, Bernardo Galvão-Sousa

1209.3717 (Rupert L. Frank et al.)

Ground state properties of multi-polaron systems    [PDF]

Rupert L. Frank, Elliott H. Lieb, Robert Seiringer, Lawrence E. Thomas

1209.3738 (Vladimir Kozlov et al.)

No steady water waves of small amplitude are supported by a shear flow
with still free surface

Vladimir Kozlov, Nikolay Kuznetsov

1209.3742 (J. S. He et al.)

A generating mechanism for higher order rogue waves    [PDF]

J. S. He, H. R. Zhang, L. H. Wang, K. Porsezian, A. S. Fokas

1209.3755 (Telhat Özdogan et al.)

Evaluation of three-center two-electron repulsion integrals over Slater

Telhat Özdogan, Maria Belen Ruiz