Thursday, February 14, 2013

0904.1971 (Anton Dzhamay)

Factorizations of Rational Matrix Functions with Application to Discrete
Isomonodromic Transformations and Difference Painlevé Equations

Anton Dzhamay

1108.0473 (Noriaki Ikeda et al.)

Current Algebras and QP Manifolds    [PDF]

Noriaki Ikeda, Kozo Koizumi

1302.2616 (Alexey A. Kryukov)

Functional methods underlying classical mechanics, relativity and
quantum theory

Alexey A. Kryukov

1302.2908 (Dmitri Yerchuck et al.)

Symmetry study of physical differential equations    [PDF]

Dmitri Yerchuck, Alla Dovlatova, Andrey Alexandrov

1302.2931 (Anton Izosimov)

Local geometry of bihamiltonian structures and invariant volume forms    [PDF]

Anton Izosimov

1302.2951 (Ling-Yan Hung et al.)

A K matrix Construction of Symmetry Enriched Phases of Matter    [PDF]

Ling-Yan Hung, Yidun Wan

1302.2972 (Anton Dzhamay et al.)

Discrete Hamiltonian Structure of Schlesinger Transformations    [PDF]

Anton Dzhamay, Hidetaka Sakai, Tomoyuki Takenawa

1302.3025 (Andrew. P. Kels)

A new solution of the star-triangle relation    [PDF]

Andrew. P. Kels

1302.3048 (Josep Llosa)

Matter and Ricci collineations    [PDF]

Josep Llosa

1302.3070 (Jipeng Cheng et al.)

Squared Eigenfunction Symmetries for the BTL and CTL Hierarchies    [PDF]

Jipeng Cheng, Jingsong He

1302.3087 (Jean-François Arnoldi et al.)

Asymptotic spectral gap and Weyl law for Ruelle resonances of open
partially expanding maps

Jean-François Arnoldi, Frédéric Faure, Tobias Weich

1302.3117 (R. Roknizadeh et al.)

Correspondence Between Classical and Quantum Theory by $f$-Deformed
Coherent State

R. Roknizadeh, S. A. A. Ghorashi, H. Heydari

1302.3125 (Denis Bernard et al.)

Non-equilibrium steady-states in conformal field theory    [PDF]

Denis Bernard, Benjamin Doyon

1302.3163 (D. B. Volov)

Modified Klein-Gordon-Fock equations based on one-dimensional chaotic
dynamics and groups with broken symmetry

D. B. Volov

1302.3174 (Kolja Them et al.)

States of Low Energy on Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous, Expanding

Kolja Them, Marcos Brum

1302.3206 (Gioia Carinci et al.)

Dualities in population genetics: a fresh look with new dualities    [PDF]

Gioia Carinci, Cristian Giardina', Claudio Giberti, Frank Redig