Thursday, February 9, 2012

1007.0422 (Christophe Garban)

Oded Schramm's contributions to noise sensitivity    [PDF]

Christophe Garban

1012.4639 (Sergey Krivonos et al.)

Many-particle mechanics with D(2,1;alpha) superconformal symmetry    [PDF]

Sergey Krivonos, Olaf Lechtenfeld

1103.3445 (Sigurdur Orn Stefansson)

Markov branching in the vertex splitting model    [PDF]

Sigurdur Orn Stefansson

1108.5291 (Andrew James Bruce)

Contact structures and supersymmetric mechanics    [PDF]

Andrew James Bruce

1109.0656 (Mario Kieburg et al.)

Eigenvalue Density of the non-Hermitian Wilson Dirac Operator    [PDF]

Mario Kieburg, Jacobus J. M. Verbaarschot, Savvas Zafeiropoulos

1109.5171 (David P. Blecher et al.)

Open projections in operator algebras I: Comparison theory    [PDF]

David P. Blecher, Matthew Neal

1110.2690 (Mario Kieburg et al.)

Random Matrix Models for Dirac Operators at finite Lattice Spacing    [PDF]

Mario Kieburg, Jacobus J. M. Verbaarschot, Savvas Zafeiropoulos

1112.4633 (Takuya Machida)

Limit theorems for the interference terms of discrete-time quantum walks
on the line

Takuya Machida

1201.4902 (Silvia Jiménez et al.)

Nonlinear Neutral Inclusions: Assemblages of disks    [PDF]

Silvia Jiménez, Bogdan Vernescu

1202.1537 (Sergio Albeverio et al.)

On elements of the Lax-Phillips scattering scheme for PT-symmetric

Sergio Albeverio, Sergii Kuzhel

1202.1554 (Owen Gwilliam et al.)

How to derive Feynman diagrams for finite-dimensional integrals directly
from the BV formalism

Owen Gwilliam, Theo Johnson-Freyd

1202.1630 (Thierry Daude et al.)

Local energy decay of massive Dirac fields in the 5D Myers-Perry metric    [PDF]

Thierry Daude, Niky Kamran

1202.1642 (J. L. Lebowitz et al.)

Approach to equilibrium for the stochastic NLS    [PDF]

J. L. Lebowitz, Ph. Mounaix, W. -M. Wang

1202.1660 (Yuri N. Fedorov et al.)

Three natural mechanical systems on Stiefel varieties    [PDF]

Yuri N. Fedorov, Bozidar Jovanović

1202.1719 (Antonino Favata)

On the Kelvin Problem    [PDF]

Antonino Favata

1202.1722 (Yu. Kh. Eshkabilov et al.)

Uniqueness of Gibbs Measure for Models With Uncountable Set of Spin
Values on a Cayley Tree

Yu. Kh. Eshkabilov, F. H. Haydarov, U. A. Rozikov

1202.1768 (Mario Kieburg)

Mixing of orthogonal and skew-orthogonal polynomials and its relation to
Wilson RMT

Mario Kieburg

1202.1778 (Hayato Saigo)

A New Look at the Arcsine Law and "Quantum-Classical Correspondence"    [PDF]

Hayato Saigo

1202.1789 (K. Gorska et al.)

Levy stable distributions via associated integral transform    [PDF]

K. Gorska, K. A. Penson

1202.1811 (Howard S. Cohl)

Fourier expansions for a logarithmic fundamental solution of the
polyharmonic equation

Howard S. Cohl

1202.1814 (Richard L. Hall et al.)

Dirac eigenvalues for a softcore Coulomb potential in d dimensions    [PDF]

Richard L. Hall, Petr Zorin