Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1105.6270 (Sergio Caracciolo et al.)

Algebraic/combinatorial proofs of Cayley-type identities for derivatives
of determinants and pfaffians

Sergio Caracciolo, Alan D. Sokal, Andrea Sportiello

1212.6373 (D. M. Xun et al.)

Quantum motion on a torus as a submanifold problem in a generalized
Dirac's theory of second-class constraints

D. M. Xun, Q. H. Liu, X. M. Zhu

1212.6390 (Robert Fitzner et al.)

Non-backtracking random walk    [PDF]

Robert Fitzner, Remco van der Hofstad

1212.6426 (Alan R. Parry)

Spherically Symmetric Static States of Wave Dark Matter    [PDF]

Alan R. Parry

1212.6455 (Won Sang Chung)

On the representation of the position operator and Lie-Hamilton equation
in the discrete momentum space

Won Sang Chung

1212.6475 (Concepción Muriel et al.)

Nonlocal Symmetries, Telescopic Vector Fields and $λ$-Symmetries
of Ordinary Differential Equations

Concepción Muriel, Juan Luis Romero

1212.6489 (Benoit Dherin et al.)

Quantizations of Momentum Maps and G-Systems    [PDF]

Benoit Dherin, Igor Mencattini

1212.6523 (Jeongho Bang et al.)

Recursive quantum algorithm to find the lowest eigenstate of a general

Jeongho Bang, Seung-Woo Lee, Chang-Woo Lee, Hyunseok Jeong, Jinhyoung Lee

1212.6595 (Satoru Odake et al.)

Krein-Adler transformations for shape-invariant potentials and pseudo
virtual states

Satoru Odake, Ryu Sasaki

1212.6599 (Jun Yin)

The Local Circular Law III: General Case    [PDF]

Jun Yin

1212.6600 (Alexander Belavin et al.)

Generalized Rogers Ramanujan Identities from AGT Correspondence    [PDF]

Alexander Belavin, Doron Gepner

1212.6615 (Fedor Bakharev et al.)

Spectral gaps for the linear surface wave model in periodic channels    [PDF]

Fedor Bakharev, Keijo Ruotsalainen, Jari Taskinen

1212.6650 (Fa-Min Chen et al.)

Fusion of Superalgebras and D=3, N=4 Quiver Gauge Theories    [PDF]

Fa-Min Chen, Yong-Shi Wu

1212.6673 (John Gough)

Asymptotic Stochastic Transformations for Nonlinear Quantum Dynamical

John Gough

1212.6679 (L. Accardi et al.)

On the Stochastic Limit of Quantum Field Theory    [PDF]

L. Accardi, J. Gough, Y. G. Lu

1212.6684 (Charles L. Fefferman et al.)

Waves in Honeycomb Structures    [PDF]

Charles L. Fefferman, Michael I. Weinstein

1212.6688 (Bryan Gin-ge Chen et al.)

Threading the Needle: Generating Textures in Nematics    [PDF]

Bryan Gin-ge Chen, Paul J. Ackerman, Gareth P. Alexander, Randall D. Kamien, Ivan I. Smalyukh

1212.6699 (Alessandro Iafrati)

A fully nonlinear iterative solution method for self-similar potential
flows with a free boundary

Alessandro Iafrati

1212.6702 (Cédric Fournel et al.)

Gauge invariant composite fields out of connections, with examples    [PDF]

Cédric Fournel, Jordan François, Serge Lazzarini, Thierry Masson

1212.6710 (Ram Band)

The Nodal Count {0, 1, 2, 3,...} Implies The Graph is a Tree    [PDF]

Ram Band

1212.6716 (Neil O'Connell et al.)

An insertion algorithm associated with q-Whittaker functions    [PDF]

Neil O'Connell, Yuchen Pei

1212.6723 (Marta Mazzocco et al.)

Confluence on the Painlevé Monodromy Manifolds, their Poisson
Structure and Quantisation

Marta Mazzocco, Vladimir Rubtsov

1212.6729 (A. Zabrodin)

Laplacian growth in a channel and Hurwitz numbers    [PDF]

A. Zabrodin

1212.6784 (K. R. W. Jones)

On Quantization, the Generalized Schrödinger Equation and Classical

K. R. W. Jones

1212.6785 (Evgeny Lakshtanov et al.)

Applications of elliptic operator theory to the isotropic interior
transmission eigenvalue problem

Evgeny Lakshtanov, Boris Vainberg

1212.6798 (Konstantin Pankrashkin)

An example of unitary equivalence between self-adjoint extensions and
their parameters

Konstantin Pankrashkin

1212.6800 (Vladimir V. Bazhanov et al.)

An Elliptic Parameterisation of the Zamolodchikov Model    [PDF]

Vladimir V. Bazhanov, Vladimir V. Mangazeev, Yuichiro Okada, Sergey M. Sergeev

1212.6823 (J. Ablinger et al.)

Three-Loop Contributions to the Gluonic Massive Operator Matrix Elements
at General Values of N

J. Ablinger, J. Blümlein, A. De Freitas, A. Hasselhuhn, S. Klein, C. Raab, M. Round, C. Schneider, F. Wi\ssbrock

1212.6841 (S. N. Storchak)

Path integral on a manifold with a non-free group action    [PDF]

S. N. Storchak

1212.6850 (Norman Do et al.)

Orbifold Hurwitz numbers and Eynard-Orantin invariants    [PDF]

Norman Do, Oliver Leigh, Paul Norbury

1212.6852 (Sergei M. Kuzenko et al.)

Conformal supergravities as Chern-Simons theories revisited    [PDF]

Sergei M. Kuzenko, Gabriele Tartaglino-Mazzucchelli

1212.6871 (Toshiyuki Kobayashi)

Varna Lecture on L^2-Analysis of Minimal Representations    [PDF]

Toshiyuki Kobayashi

1212.6886 (Safia Yasmin et al.)

Study of Gauge Symmetry of Some Field Theoretical Models Through the
Lagrangian Formulation

Safia Yasmin, Anisur Rahaman

1212.6887 (Mark M. Malamud et al.)

Perturbation determinants and trace formulas for singular perturbations    [PDF]

Mark M. Malamud, Hagen Neidhardt

1212.6888 (B. Mojaveri et al.)

SU(1,1) Nonlinear Coherent States    [PDF]

B. Mojaveri, A. Dehghani

1212.6905 (Nitu Kitchloo et al.)

The Grothendieck--Teichmüller group and the stable symplectic category    [PDF]

Nitu Kitchloo, Jack Morava

1212.6908 (L. Bertini et al.)

From level 2.5 to level 2 large deviations for continuous time Markov

L. Bertini, A. Faggionato, D. Gabrielli

1212.6949 (Roger Tribe et al.)

The Ginibre evolution in the large-N limit    [PDF]

Roger Tribe, Oleg Zaboronski

1212.6972 (Thomas L. Curtright et al.)

A Galileon Primer    [PDF]

Thomas L. Curtright, David B. Fairlie