Thursday, May 30, 2013

1201.3295 (Christopher J. Fewster)

Endomorphisms and automorphisms of locally covariant quantum field

Christopher J. Fewster

1305.6625 (M. B. Hastings)

Classifying Quantum Phases With The Torus Trick    [PDF]

M. B. Hastings

1305.6636 (Antonio Degasperis et al.)

Rational solitons of wave resonant interaction models    [PDF]

Antonio Degasperis, Sara Lombardo

1305.6647 (David Damanik et al.)

Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle with Fibonacci Verblunsky
Coefficients, II. Applications

David Damanik, Paul Munger, William N. Yessen

1305.6658 (Dong Eui Chang et al.)

On the Self-Recovery Phenomenon in the Process of Diffusion    [PDF]

Dong Eui Chang, Soo Jeon

1305.6681 (Matteo Parsani et al.)

Large eddy simulation of a muffler with the high-order spectral
difference method

Matteo Parsani, Michael Bilka, Chris Lacor

1305.6685 (M. I. Qadir et al.)

Multiple fluxon analogues and dark solitons in linearly coupled
Bose-Einstein condensates

M. I. Qadir, H. Susanto, P. C. Matthews

1305.6755 (V. Kleptsyn et al.)

Josephson effect and slow-fast systems    [PDF]

V. Kleptsyn, O. Romaskevich, I. Schurov

1305.6808 (Chong-Sun Chu et al.)

Instanton String and M-Wave in Multiple M5-Branes System    [PDF]

Chong-Sun Chu, Hiroshi Isono

1305.6888 (Benoît Descamps et al.)

Asymptotically Decreasing Lieb-Robinson Velocity for a Class of
Dissipative Quantum Dynamics

Benoît Descamps, Frank Verstraete