Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1108.0369 (Etera R. Livine et al.)

Twistor Networks and Covariant Twisted Geometries    [PDF]

Etera R. Livine, Simone Speziale, Johannes Tambornino

1108.3052 (Christopher D. Sinclair et al.)

Universality for ensembles of matrices with potential theoretic weights
on domains with smooth boundary

Christopher D. Sinclair, Maxim L. Yattselev

1108.3898 (A. P. Balachandran et al.)

Mixed States from Anomalies    [PDF]

A. P. Balachandran, Amilcar R. de Queiroz

1109.3349 (V. P. Nair et al.)

Fuzzy spaces and new random matrix ensembles    [PDF]

V. P. Nair, A. P. Polychronakos, J. Tekel

1110.1643 (Paolo Maraner et al.)

General relativistic Sagnac formula revised    [PDF]

Paolo Maraner, Jean-Pierre Zendri

1111.0015 (Hyun Seok Yang)

Towards A Background Independent Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Hyun Seok Yang

1111.5372 (J. F. Gomes et al.)

Dressing approach to the nonvanishing boundary value problem for the
AKNS hierarchy

J. F. Gomes, Guilherme S. Franca, A. H. Zimerman

1111.5843 (Raffaele Esposito et al.)

Fourier Law and Non-Isothermal Boundary in the Boltzmann Theory    [PDF]

Raffaele Esposito, Yan Guo, Chanwoo Kim, Rossana Marra

1111.6348 (Brian Simanek)

A New Approach to Ratio Asymptotics for Orthogonal Polynomials    [PDF]

Brian Simanek

1112.0919 (Hideshi Yamane)

Long-time asymptotics for the defocusing integrable discrete nonlinear
Schrödinger equation

Hideshi Yamane

1112.5002 (Patrik L. Ferrari et al.)

Non-colliding Brownian bridges and the asymmetric tacnode process    [PDF]

Patrik L. Ferrari, Balint Veto

1201.4199 (S. Jitomirskaya et al.)

Analytic quasi-periodic Schrödinger operators and rational frequency

S. Jitomirskaya, C. A. Marx

1201.4337 (Roland Donninger et al.)

Stable self-similar blow up for energy subcritical wave equations    [PDF]

Roland Donninger, Birgit Schörkhuber

1202.2230 (Michel Dubois-Violette et al.)

Young tableaux and homotopy commutative algebras    [PDF]

Michel Dubois-Violette, Todor Popov

1202.2373 (Alexander V. Mamonov et al.)

Point source identification in non-linear advection-diffusion-reaction

Alexander V. Mamonov, Yen-Hsi Richard Tsai

1202.2387 (Scott Cook et al.)

Random billiards with wall temperature and associated Markov chains    [PDF]

Scott Cook, Renato Feres

1202.2413 (Ananya Ghatak et al.)

Entangled Quantum State Discrimination using Pseudo-Hermitian System    [PDF]

Ananya Ghatak, Bhabani Prasad Mandal

1202.2430 (C. Duval et al.)

Transverse Shifts in Paraxial Spinoptics    [PDF]

C. Duval, P. A. Horvathy, P. M. Zhang

1202.2443 (Alessandra Celletti et al.)

Stability of nearly-integrable systems with dissipation    [PDF]

Alessandra Celletti, Christoph Lhotka

1202.2455 (Domenico Fiorenza et al.)

The E8 moduli 3-stack of the C-field in M-theory    [PDF]

Domenico Fiorenza, Hisham Sati, Urs Schreiber

1202.2456 (C. Lupo et al.)

Invariant measures on multimode quantum Gaussian states    [PDF]

C. Lupo, S. Mancini, A. De Pasquale, P. Facchi, G. Florio, S. Pascazio

1202.2457 (M. A. Gonzalez Leon et al.)

Factorization of supersymmetric Hamiltonians in curvilinear coordinates    [PDF]

M. A. Gonzalez Leon, J. Mateos Guilarte, M. de la Torre Mayado

1202.2471 (Robert M. Strain et al.)

The Vlasov-Poisson-Landau System in $\R^3_x$    [PDF]

Robert M. Strain, Keya Zhu

1202.2522 (Huseyin Masum et al.)

Relativistic Hydrogen-Like Atom on a Noncommutative Phase Space    [PDF]

Huseyin Masum, Sayipjamal Dulat, Mutallip Tohti

1202.2537 (Alfred Shapere et al.)

Classical Time Crystals    [PDF]

Alfred Shapere, Frank Wilczek

1202.2542 (Yu. Kh. Eshkabilov et al.)

Non-uniqueness of Gibbs Measure for Models With Uncountable Set of Spin
Values on a Cayley Tree

Yu. Kh. Eshkabilov, F. H. Haydarov, U. A. Rozikov

1202.2543 (Sebastiano Carpi et al.)

Representations of Conformal Nets, Universal C*-Algebras and K-Theory    [PDF]

Sebastiano Carpi, Roberto Conti, Robin Hillier, Mihaly Weiner

1202.2556 (Edmond Jonckheere et al.)

Curvature of spin networks    [PDF]

Edmond Jonckheere, Frank Langbein, Sophie Schirmer

1202.2558 (Xiaosen Han)

Existence of Doubly Periodic Vortices in a Generalized Chern--Simons

Xiaosen Han

1202.2563 (Xu Sun et al.)

Fokker-Planck equations for nonlinear dynamical systems driven by
non-Gaussian Levy processes

Xu Sun, Jinqiao Duan

1202.2565 (Xu Sun et al.)

An alternative expression of Di Paola and Falson's formula for
stochastic dynamics

Xu Sun, Jinqiao Duan, Xiaofan Li

1202.2587 (M. Biskup et al.)

Trapping in the random conductance model    [PDF]

M. Biskup, O. Louidor, A. Rozinov, A. Vandenberg-Rodes

1202.2603 (Yasufumi Hashimoto)

Correlations of multiplicities in length spectra for congruence

Yasufumi Hashimoto

1202.2629 (Fumio Hiroshima et al.)

Enhanced binding of an N-particle system interacting with a scalar field
II.Relativistic version

Fumio Hiroshima, Itaru Sasaki

1202.2647 (P. V. Ivanisenko et al.)

The Kramers problem for quantum fermi-gases with constant collision
frequency and specular - diffusive boundary conditions

P. V. Ivanisenko, A. V. Latyshev

1202.2664 (Eugene Strahov)

Representation theory of the infinite symmetric group and Pfaffian point

Eugene Strahov

1202.2700 (J. Ablinger et al.)

New Heavy Flavor Contributions to the DIS Structure Function
$F_2(x,Q^2)$ at $O(α_s^3)

J. Ablinger, J. Blümlein, A. Hasselhuhn, S. Klein, C. Schneider, F. Wißbrock

1202.2714 (V. V. Kobelev)

On a Leibnitz-type fractional derivative    [PDF]

V. V. Kobelev

1202.2717 (Yuri Berest et al.)

Noncommutative Poisson structures, derived representation schemes and
Calabi-Yau algebras

Yuri Berest, Xiaojun Chen, Farkhod Eshmatov, Ajay Ramadoss

1202.2741 (Jean Pierre Francoise et al.)

Rigid motions: action-angles, relative cohomology and polynomials with
roots on the unit circle

Jean Pierre Francoise, Pedro Garrido, Giovanni Gallavotti

1202.2756 (Olivier Schiffmann et al.)

Cherednik algebras, W algebras and the equivariant cohomology of the
moduli space of instantons on A^2

Olivier Schiffmann, Eric Vasserot

1202.2757 (G. V. Efimov)

Canonical Quantization of the tachyon field    [PDF]

G. V. Efimov

1202.2774 (Nicolas Macris et al.)

Beyond the Bethe Free Energy of LDPC Codes via Polymer Expansions    [PDF]

Nicolas Macris, Marc Vuffray

1202.2775 (David Holcman et al.)

Brownian Motion in Dire Straits    [PDF]

David Holcman, Zeev Schuss

1202.2778 (Nicolas Macris et al.)

Polymer Expansions for Cycle LDPC Codes    [PDF]

Nicolas Macris, Marc Vuffray

1202.2780 (Detlev Buchholz et al.)

Lie Algebras of Derivations and Resolvent Algebras    [PDF]

Detlev Buchholz, Hendrik Grundling

1202.2802 (Hongyu Liu)

On Near-cloak in Acoustic Scattering    [PDF]

Hongyu Liu

1202.2809 (Adrien Hardy)

A Note on Large Deviations for 2D Coulomb Gas with Weakly Confining

Adrien Hardy

1202.2815 (Corrado Mascia)

Small, medium and large shock waves for non-equilibrium radiation

Corrado Mascia

1202.2829 (Oleg Imanuvilov et al.)

Inverse problem by Cauchy data on arbitrary subboundary for system of
elliptic equations

Oleg Imanuvilov, Masahiro Yamamoto

1202.2838 (Dmitry Chelkak et al.)

Conformal Invariance of Spin Correlations in the Planar Ising Model    [PDF]

Dmitry Chelkak, Clément Hongler, Konstantin Izyurov