Monday, June 10, 2013

1306.1561 (Matthias Gorny)

A Curie-Weiss Model of Self-Organized Criticality : The Gaussian Case    [PDF]

Matthias Gorny

1306.1645 (Atsushi Nobe)

A geometric realization of the periodic discrete Toda lattice and its

Atsushi Nobe

1306.1647 (Yu. B. Chernyakov et al.)

Semi-invariants and Integrals of Full Symmetric sl(n) Toda Lattice    [PDF]

Yu. B. Chernyakov, A. S. Sorin

1306.1675 (V. M. Adamyan et al.)

Introduction to Mathematical Physics. Calculus of Variations and
Boundary-value Problems

V. M. Adamyan, M. Ya. Sushko

1306.1684 (Alberto De Sole et al.)

Classical W-algebras and generalized Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies for
minimal and short nilpotents

Alberto De Sole, Victor G. Kac, Daniele Valeri

1306.1694 (J. Bohá\{v}cik et al.)

The possibility of the non-perturbative an-harmonic correction to
Mehler's formula for propagator of the harmonic oscillator

J. Bohá\{v}cik, P. Pre\{v}snajder, P. August\'\{i}n

1306.1696 (A. Biggs)

The existence of a canonical lifting of even Poisson Structures to the
Algebra of Densities

A. Biggs

1306.1707 (Zoltan Kokenyesi et al.)

Refined Chern-Simons theory and (q,t)-deformed Yang-Mills theory:
Semi-classical expansion and planar limit

Zoltan Kokenyesi, Annamaria Sinkovics, Richard J. Szabo

1306.1742 (Junpeng Cao et al.)

Off-diagonal Bethe ansatz solution of the XXX spin-chain with arbitrary
boundary conditions

Junpeng Cao, Wenli Yang, Kangjie Shi, Yupeng Wang

1306.1807 (Miquel Montero)

Unidirectional quantum walks: evolution and exit times    [PDF]

Miquel Montero

1306.1816 (Hermann Schulz-Baldes et al.)

Invariants for J-unitaries on Real Krein spaces and the classification
of transfer operators

Hermann Schulz-Baldes, Carlos Villegas-Blas