Friday, December 21, 2012

1112.1085 (L. A. Ferreira et al.)

Vortices in the extended Skyrme-Faddeev model    [PDF]

L. A. Ferreira, J. Jäykkä, Nobuyuki Sawado, Kouichi Toda

1212.3000 (Sunggeun Lee et al.)

Topology Change of Spacetime and Resolution of Spacetime Singularity in
Emergent Gravity

Sunggeun Lee, Raju Roychowdhury, Hyun Seok Yang

1212.4873 (Paul Popescu)

A Lagrangian form of Pfaff forms    [PDF]

Paul Popescu

1212.4879 (Robert Coquereaux et al.)

Drinfeld doubles for finite subgroups of SU(2) and SU(3) Lie groups    [PDF]

Robert Coquereaux, Jean-Bernard Zuber

1212.4882 (Andreas Doering)

Generalised Gelfand Spectra of Nonabelian Unital C*-Algebras II: Flows
and Time Evolution of Quantum Systems

Andreas Doering

1212.4908 (Mario Ullrich)

Rapid mixing of Swendsen-Wang dynamics in two dimensions    [PDF]

Mario Ullrich

1212.4927 (C. Di Franco et al.)

A no-go result on the purification of quantum states    [PDF]

C. Di Franco, M. Paternostro

1212.4932 (Gastao S. F. Frederico et al.)

Noether's Theorem for Nonsmooth Extremals of Variational Problems with
Time Delay

Gastao S. F. Frederico, Tatiana Odzijewicz, Delfim F. M. Torres

1212.4945 (Weizhu Bao et al.)

Gross-Pitaevskii-Poisson equations for dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate
with anisotropic confinement

Weizhu Bao, Naoufel Ben Abdallah, Yongyong Cai

1212.4965 (Horia D. Cornean et al.)

Cayley transform applied to non-interacting quantum transport    [PDF]

Horia D. Cornean, Hagen Neidhardt, Lukas Wilhelm, Valentin A. Zagrebnov

1212.4971 (David Godinho)

Asymptotic of grazing collisions for the spatially homogeneous Boltzmann
equation for soft and Coulomb potentials

David Godinho

1212.4972 (Jean-Emile Bourgine)

Large N techniques for Nekrasov partition functions and AGT conjecture    [PDF]

Jean-Emile Bourgine

1212.4979 (Won Sang Chung)

On the quantization and generalized uncertainty relation for some
quantum deformed algebras

Won Sang Chung

1212.5005 (K. Waldherr et al.)

Computations in Quantum Tensor Networks    [PDF]

K. Waldherr, T. Huckle, T. Schulte-Herbrueggen

1212.5023 (Lin Zhang)

Conditional mutual information and commutator    [PDF]

Lin Zhang

1212.5028 (Håkan Andréasson et al.)

Rotating, stationary, axially symmetric spacetimes with collisionless

Håkan Andréasson, Markus Kunze, Gerhard Rein

1212.5057 (Riccardo Fazio)

Blasius Problem and Falkner-Skan model: Töpfer's Algorithm and its

Riccardo Fazio

1212.5107 (Antoine Dahlqvist)

Integration formula for Brownian motion on classical groups    [PDF]

Antoine Dahlqvist

1212.5117 (Pierre Mathieu et al.)

Aging of asymmetric dynamics on the random energy model    [PDF]

Pierre Mathieu, Jean-Christophe Mourrat

1212.5125 (Demetrios Christodoulou et al.)

On the Mechanics of Crystalline Solids with a Continuous Distribution of

Demetrios Christodoulou, Ivo Kaelin

1212.5131 (Patrizia Vitale et al.)

Noncommutative field theories on $R^3_λ$: Toward UV/IR mixing

Patrizia Vitale, Jean-Christophe Wallet

1212.5163 (Jens Krause)

Energy conserving Anisotropic Anhysteretic Magnetic Modelling for Finite
Element Analysis

Jens Krause

1212.5171 (Nicolas Franco)

Causality for Spectral Triple on Minkowski spacetime    [PDF]

Nicolas Franco

1212.5207 (Christoph Schumacher et al.)

Approximation of the integrated density of states on sofic groups    [PDF]

Christoph Schumacher, Fabian Schwarzenberger

1212.5228 (George Georgiou et al.)

Mixed symmetry tensor fields and new topological invariants    [PDF]

George Georgiou, George Savvidy