Friday, February 15, 2013

1111.0598 (Timothy D. Andersen)

Exact solutions for the 2d one component plasma    [PDF]

Timothy D. Andersen

1302.3167 (Chol-Rim Min et al.)

Equiaffine Structure and Conjugate Ricci-symmetry of a Statistical

Chol-Rim Min, Won-Hak Ri, Hyong-Chol O

1302.3301 (M. Avendaño Camacho Yu. Vorobiev)

On the Global Structure of Normal Forms for Slow-Fast Hamiltonian

M. Avendaño Camacho Yu. Vorobiev

1302.3326 (A. L. Lisok et al.)

Symmetry operators and intertwining operators for the nonlocal
Gross-Pitaevskii equation

A. L. Lisok, A. V. Shapovalov, A. Yu. Trifonov

1302.3356 (Zhaofang Bai et al.)

Characterization of affine automorphisms and ortho-order automorphisms
of quantum probabilistic maps

Zhaofang Bai, Shuanping Du

1302.3383 (Paolo Facchi et al.)

Entropy-Driven Phase Transitions of Entanglement    [PDF]

Paolo Facchi, Giuseppe Florio, Giorgio Parisi, Saverio Pascazio, Kazuya Yuasa

1302.3384 (Song Wei et al.)

A Matlab toolbox for fractional relaxation-oscillation equations    [PDF]

Song Wei, Wen Chen

1302.3448 (Yakov Shlapentokh-Rothman)

Exponentially growing finite energy solutions for the Klein-Gordon
equation on sub-extremal Kerr spacetimes

Yakov Shlapentokh-Rothman

1302.3454 (I. Nidaiev et al.)

On the relation between the modular double of U_q(sl(2,R)) and the
quantum Teichmueller theory

I. Nidaiev, J. Teschner

1302.3459 (Francesco Toppan)

Critical D-module reps for finite superconformal algebras and their
superconformal mechanics

Francesco Toppan

1302.3460 (W. A. Majewski et al.)

On applications of Orlicz Spaces to Statistical Physics    [PDF]

W. A. Majewski, L. E. Labuschagne

1302.3506 (W. A. Zuniga-Galindo)

Non Archimedean Pseudodifferential Equations of Klein-Gordon Type and
Quantum Scalar Fields

W. A. Zuniga-Galindo

1302.3512 (Thierry Harge)

Some remarks on the complex heat kernel in the scalar potential case    [PDF]

Thierry Harge

1302.3540 (Pavel Safronov)

Virasoro constraints in Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies    [PDF]

Pavel Safronov