Friday, December 14, 2012

0901.1076 (Domagoj Kuic)

Quantum mechanical virial theorem in systems with translational and
rotational symmetry

Domagoj Kuic

0902.2829 (L. A. Glinka)

On the residual effective potential within global one-dimensional
quantum gravity

L. A. Glinka

1012.1589 (Felix Finster et al.)

On the Support of Minimizers of Causal Variational Principles    [PDF]

Felix Finster, Daniela Schiefeneder

1212.2987 (P. Gressman et al.)

On the uniqueness of solutions to the periodic 3D Gross-Pitaevskii

P. Gressman, V. Sohinger, G. Staffilani

1212.3006 (Philippe Di Francesco)

Truncated determinants and the refined enumeration of Alternating Sign
Matrices and Descending Plane Partitions

Philippe Di Francesco

1212.3007 (P. J. Morrison et al.)

Magnetic moment type of lifting from particle dynamics to Vlasov-Maxwell

P. J. Morrison, M. Vittot, Loic de Guillebon

1212.3017 (James M. Chappell et al.)

The double-padlock problem: is secure classical information transmission
possible without key exchange?

James M. Chappell, Derek Abbott

1212.3103 (Hakan Cebeci et al.)

Dirac equation in Kerr-Taub NUT spacetime    [PDF]

Hakan Cebeci, Nulifer Ozdemir

1212.3149 (Holger Then)

Large sets of consecutive Maass forms and fluctuations in the Weyl

Holger Then

1212.3154 (Gioia Carinci et al.)

Duality for stochastic models of transport    [PDF]

Gioia Carinci, Cristian Giardina', Claudio Giberti, Frank Redig

1212.3159 (Bijan Bagchi et al.)

Nonlinear Dynamics of a position-dependent mass driven Duffing-type

Bijan Bagchi, Supratim Das, Samiran Ghosh, Swarup Poria

1212.3178 (Gesualdo Delfino)

Parafermionic excitations and critical exponents of random cluster and
O(n) models

Gesualdo Delfino

1212.3236 (Vieri Benci et al.)

Hylomorphic solitons and charged Q-balls: existence and stability    [PDF]

Vieri Benci, Donato Fortunato

1212.3238 (S. H. Lerma et al.)

The Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model as a particular limit of the SU(1,1)
Richardson-Gaudin integrable models

S. H. Lerma, J. Dukelsky

1212.3314 (Yuri B. Suris)

Variational formulation of commuting Hamiltonian flows: multi-time
Lagrangian 1-forms

Yuri B. Suris