Friday, January 18, 2013

1007.4167 (S. Krasnikov)

No to censorship! Comment on the Friedman-Schleich-Witt theorem    [PDF]

S. Krasnikov

1105.2735 (Howard S. Cohl)

On a generalization of the generating function for Gegenbauer

Howard S. Cohl

1301.3951 (Juan I. Ramos et al.)

The Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation in the Finite Line    [PDF]

Juan I. Ramos, Francisco R. Villatoro

1301.3962 (Naihuan Jing et al.)

Isomorphism between two realizations of the Yangian Y(so_3)    [PDF]

Naihuan Jing, Ming Liu

1301.3980 (Satoru Odake et al.)

Extensions of solvable potentials with finitely many discrete

Satoru Odake, Ryu Sasaki

1301.4000 (A. V. Shanin)

Wiener-Hopf matrix factorization using ordinary differential equations
in the commutative case

A. V. Shanin

1301.4031 (G. Domokos et al.)

The robustness of equilibria on convex solids    [PDF]

G. Domokos, Z. Lángi

1301.4034 (Tatiana Yarmola)

Ergodicity of some open systems with particle-disk interactions    [PDF]

Tatiana Yarmola

1301.4036 (E. Zappa et al.)

A Ginzburg-Landau model for the expansion of a dodecahedral viral capsid    [PDF]

E. Zappa, G. Indelicato, A. Albano, P. Cermelli

1301.4049 (Konstantin Khanin et al.)

Ergodic properties of random billiards driven by thermostats    [PDF]

Konstantin Khanin, Tatiana Yarmola

1301.4051 (Nitin Chandra)

Topics in Noncommutative Gauge Theories and Deformed Relativistic

Nitin Chandra

1301.4075 (Metin Gurses)

Integrable Hierarchy of Multi-Component Kaup -Boussinesq Equations    [PDF]

Metin Gurses

1301.4146 (Tatiana Yarmola)

Sub-exponential mixing of random billiards driven by thermostats    [PDF]

Tatiana Yarmola

1301.4196 (Jesús A. Álvarez López et al.)

Embedding theorems for the Dunkl harmonic oscillator    [PDF]

Jesús A. Álvarez López, Manuel Calaza

1301.4199 (Andrey M. Pupasov-Maksimov)

Multichannel generalization of eigen-phase preserving supersymmetric

Andrey M. Pupasov-Maksimov