Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1111.6434 (Jirina Vodova)

Low-order Hamiltonian operators having momentum    [PDF]

Jirina Vodova

1201.4930 (P. Dunin-Barkowski et al.)

Givental graphs and inversion symmetry    [PDF]

P. Dunin-Barkowski, S. Shadrin, L. Spitz

1212.3604 (Mehdi Nadjafikhah et al.)

Approximate Symmetry Analysis of Gardner Equation    [PDF]

Mehdi Nadjafikhah, Ardavan Mokhtary

1212.3605 (Mehdi Nadjafikhah et al.)

Approximate Hamiltonian Symmetry Groups and Recursion Operators for
Perturbed Evolution Equations

Mehdi Nadjafikhah, Ardavan Mokhtary

1212.3628 (Thorsten Prüstel et al.)

Non-Markovian reversible diffusion-influenced reactions in two

Thorsten Prüstel, Martin Meier-Schellersheim

1212.3636 (Stefan C. Mancas et al.)

Integrable dissipative nonlinear second order differential equations via
factorizations and Abel equations

Stefan C. Mancas, Haret C. Rosu

1212.3649 (M. Fedele)

A mean field model for the collective behaviour of interacting
multi-species particles. Mathematical results and application to the inverse

M. Fedele

1212.3663 (Fabio Bagarello)

Damping and Pseudo-fermions    [PDF]

Fabio Bagarello

1212.3664 (S. Twareque Ali et al.)

Quantizations from reproducing kernel spaces    [PDF]

S. Twareque Ali, Fabio Bagarello, Jean Pierre Gazeau

1212.3680 (M. Correggi et al.)

Vortex Phases of Rotating Superfluids    [PDF]

M. Correggi, F. Pinsker, N. Rougerie, J. Yngvason

1212.3693 (Marietta Manolessou)

Local contractivity of the $Φ_0^4$ mapping    [PDF]

Marietta Manolessou

1212.3697 (Marietta Manolessou et al.)

Numerical study of the local contractivity of the $Φ_0^4$ mapping    [PDF]

Marietta Manolessou, Sofiane Tafat

1212.3702 (A. A. Kolpakov et al.)

Interaction of "rigid" quantum systems    [PDF]

A. A. Kolpakov, A. G. Kolpakov

1212.3711 (Alessandro Corbetta et al.)

From individual behaviors to an evaluation of the collective evolution
of crowds along footbridges

Alessandro Corbetta, Andrea Tosin, Luca Bruno

1212.3718 (Sven Bachmann et al.)

Product vacua with boundary states and the classification of gapped

Sven Bachmann, Bruno Nachtergaele

1212.3720 (Gregoire Allaire et al.)

Asymptotic analysis of the Poisson-Boltzmann equation describing
electrokinetics in porous media

Gregoire Allaire, Jean-Francois Dufreche, Andro Mikelic, Andrey Piatnitski

1212.3725 (Frédéric Butin)

Hochschild Cohomology of Cubic Surfaces    [PDF]

Frédéric Butin

1212.3768 (Tom Claeys et al.)

Random matrices with equispaced external source    [PDF]

Tom Claeys, Dong Wang

1212.3771 (Yasuyuki Kawahigashi et al.)

Construction of holomorphic local conformal framed nets    [PDF]

Yasuyuki Kawahigashi, Noppakhun Suthichitranont

1212.3776 (E. Minguzzi)

Convexity and quasi-uniformizability of closed preordered spaces    [PDF]

E. Minguzzi

1212.3809 (Angel Ballesteros et al.)

Quantum algebras as quantizations of dual Poisson-Lie groups    [PDF]

Angel Ballesteros, Fabio Musso

1212.3810 (Kaj Kolja Kleineberg et al.)

Gaussian Vortex Approximation to the Instanton Equations of
Two-Dimensional Turbulence

Kaj Kolja Kleineberg, Rudolf Friedrich

1212.3816 (Thomas Bothner et al.)

Tail decay for the distribution of the endpoint of a directed polymer    [PDF]

Thomas Bothner, Karl Liechty

1212.3841 (Marek Wolf)

Nearest neighbor spacing distribution of prime numbers and quantum chaos    [PDF]

Marek Wolf

1212.3880 (Yoshimasa Kurihara)

Classical Information-Theoretical View of Physical Measurements and
Generalized Uncertainty Relations

Yoshimasa Kurihara

1212.3912 (Abhijnan Rej)

Ranks of gauge groups and an NP-complete problem on the Landscape    [PDF]

Abhijnan Rej

1212.3919 (Dongho Chae et al.)

Well-posedness for Hall-magnetohydrodynamics    [PDF]

Dongho Chae, Pierre Degond, Jian-Guo Liu

1212.3920 (Pierre Degond et al.)

A note on phase transitions for the Smoluchowski equation with dipolar

Pierre Degond, Amic Frouvelle, Jian-Guo Liu

1212.3934 (Chong Song et al.)

Geometric solitons of Hamiltonian flows on manifolds    [PDF]

Chong Song, Xiaowei Sun, Youde Wang

1212.3944 (Huai-Xin Cao et al.)

CPT-Frames for PT-symmetric Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Huai-Xin Cao, Zhi-Hua Guo, Zheng-Li Chen

1212.3991 (Trinh Tuan Phong)

Decorrelation estimates for a 1D tight binding model in the localized

Trinh Tuan Phong

1212.4004 (William R. Green et al.)

Exponential Decay for dispersion managed solitons for general dispersion

William R. Green, Dirk Hundertmark

1212.4010 (Robert Coquereaux)

Character tables (modular data) for Drinfeld doubles of finite groups    [PDF]

Robert Coquereaux

1212.4024 (Sven Peter Nasholm et al.)

On a Fractional Zener Elastic Wave Equation    [PDF]

Sven Peter Nasholm, Sverre Holm

1212.4047 (Balázs Hetényi)

Zero frequency conductivity as a geometric phase    [PDF]

Balázs Hetényi

1212.4048 (Yang Chen et al.)

Random Matrix Models, Double-Time Painlevé Equations, and Wireless

Yang Chen, Nazmus S. Haq, Matthew R. McKay

1212.4083 (Timothy J. Grant et al.)

Characteristics of conservation laws for difference equations    [PDF]

Timothy J. Grant, Peter E. Hydon

1212.4113 (Karen S. Martirosyan et al.)

Reactive self-heating model of aluminum spherical nanoparticles    [PDF]

Karen S. Martirosyan, Maxim Zyskin