Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1008.1151 (Fernando Lledó)

On spectral approximation, Følner sequences and crossed products    [PDF]

Fernando Lledó

1109.3210 (Luis C. García-Naranjo et al.)

Nonholonomic LL systems on central extensions and the hydrodynamic
Chaplygin sleigh with circulation

Luis C. García-Naranjo, Joris Vankerschaver

1111.6362 (Adrian Dunca et al.)

Modeling error in Approximate Deconvolution Models    [PDF]

Adrian Dunca, Roger Lewandowski

1201.1110 (Yves Colin De Verdière)

Magnetic interpretation of the nodal defect on graphs    [PDF]

Yves Colin De Verdière

1210.2423 (Gerald V. Dunne et al.)

Resurgence and Trans-series in Quantum Field Theory: The CP(N-1) Model    [PDF]

Gerald V. Dunne, Mithat Unsal

1210.2447 (Gang Bao et al.)

Nearly Cloaking the Full Maxwell Equations    [PDF]

Gang Bao, Hongyu Liu

1210.2467 (Hakan Ciftci et al.)

Exact and approximate solutions of Schroedinger's equation for a class
of trigonometric potentials

Hakan Ciftci, Richard L. Hall, Nasser Saad

1210.2468 (Jishan Fan et al.)

Regularity criteria and uniform estimates for the Boussinesq system with
the temperature- dependent viscosity and thermal diffusivity

Jishan Fan, Fucai Li, Gen Nakamura

1210.2493 (Wadim Zudilin)

A generating function of the squares of Legendre polynomials    [PDF]

Wadim Zudilin

1210.2522 (Jingsong He et al.)

N-order bright and dark rogue waves in a Resonant erbium-doped Fibre

Jingsong He, Shuwei Xu, K. Porseizan

1210.2550 (Henry Dorrian et al.)

Size Dependent Growth in Metabolic Networks    [PDF]

Henry Dorrian, Kieran Smallbone, Jon borresen

1210.2597 (Hubert Lacoin)

The scaling limit for zero temperature planar Ising droplets: with and
without magnetic fields

Hubert Lacoin

1210.2669 (Magdalena Czubak et al.)

Topological defects in the abelian Higgs model    [PDF]

Magdalena Czubak, Robert L. Jerrard

1210.2681 (Elizabeth Meckes et al.)

Spectral measures of powers of random matrices    [PDF]

Elizabeth Meckes, Mark Meckes

1210.2684 (M. Gubinelli et al.)

Paraproducts, rough paths and controlled distributions    [PDF]

M. Gubinelli, P. Imkeller, N. Perkowski