Friday, March 8, 2013

1303.1610 (Matteo Convertino et al.)

Power-law of Aggregate-size Spectra in Natural Systems    [PDF]

Matteo Convertino, Filippo Simini, Filippo Catani, Igor Linkov, Gregory A. Kiker

1303.1611 (Andrew Birrell et al.)

Exactly Solvable BCS-BEC crossover Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Andrew Birrell, Phillip S. Isaac, Jon Links

1303.1618 (Yongqin Wang)

One-dimensional Harmonic Oscillator    [PDF]

Yongqin Wang

1303.1632 (Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga et al.)

Higgs potential and confinement in Yang-Mills theory on exotic R^4    [PDF]

Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga, Jerzy Król

1303.1660 (F. M. Andrade et al.)

On the Aharonov-Casher scattering in a CPT-odd Lorentz-violating

F. M. Andrade, E. O. Silva, T. Prudêncio, C. Filgueiras

1303.1669 (Norman Gürlebeck)

Source Integrals for Multipole Moments in Static Spacetimes    [PDF]

Norman Gürlebeck

1303.1735 (G. Sardanashvily)

Fibre bundle formulation of time-dependent mechanics    [PDF]

G. Sardanashvily