Monday, May 14, 2012

1010.3555 (Murat Babaarslan et al.)

On Helices and Bertrand Curves in Euclidean 3-Space    [PDF]

Murat Babaarslan, Yusuf Yayli

1108.2859 (F. Mezzadri et al.)

Moments of the transmission eigenvalues, proper delay times and random
matrix theory II

F. Mezzadri, N. J. Simm

1108.4552 (Vladimir Dragovic et al.)

Ellipsoidal billiards in pseudo-Euclidean spaces and relativistic

Vladimir Dragovic, Milena Radnovic

1109.1119 (Yacine Ikhlef et al.)

An integrable spin chain for the SL(2,R)/U(1) black hole sigma model    [PDF]

Yacine Ikhlef, Jesper Lykke Jacobsen, Hubert Saleur

1205.2400 (David Aristoff)

Estimating Small Probabilities for Langevin Dynamics    [PDF]

David Aristoff

1205.2408 (Hossein Movasati)

Quasi-modular forms attached to elliptic curves: Hecke operators    [PDF]

Hossein Movasati

1205.2447 (John C. Baez et al.)

G2 and the Rolling Ball    [PDF]

John C. Baez, John Huerta

1205.2449 (Juergen Geiser)

Simulation of a Heat Transfer in Porous Media    [PDF]

Juergen Geiser

1205.2468 (Alessandro Arsie et al.)

From Darboux-Egorov system to bi-flat $F$-manifolds    [PDF]

Alessandro Arsie, Paolo Lorenzoni

1205.2512 (Pietro Longhi)

The BPS Spectrum Generator In 2d-4d Systems    [PDF]

Pietro Longhi

1205.2520 (Douglas Lundholm et al.)

Local exclusion for intermediate and fractional statistics    [PDF]

Douglas Lundholm, Jan Philip Solovej

1205.2561 (E. Ercolessi et al.)

Geometry of mixed states for a q-bit and Fisher information    [PDF]

E. Ercolessi, M. Schiavina

1205.2582 (Monica De Angelis et al.)

Existence and uniqueness of solutions of a class of 3rd order
dissipative problems with various boundary conditions describing the
Josephson effect

Monica De Angelis, Gaetano Fiore

1205.2586 (Ovidiu Cristinel Stoica)

Quantum Gravity from Metric Dimensional Reduction at Singularities    [PDF]

Ovidiu Cristinel Stoica

1205.2591 (Marcelo R. Ubriaco)

Scalar curvature of systems with fractal distribution functions    [PDF]

Marcelo R. Ubriaco