Friday, August 31, 2012

1108.2985 (Fernando G. S. L. Brandão et al.)

Convergence to equilibrium under a random Hamiltonian    [PDF]

Fernando G. S. L. Brandão, Piotr Ćwikliński, Michał Horodecki, Paweł Horodecki, Jarosław Korbicz, Marek Mozrzymas

1110.5457 (Emilio N. M. Cirillo et al.)

Allen-Cahn and Cahn-Hilliard-like equations for dissipative dynamics of
saturated porous media

Emilio N. M. Cirillo, Nicoletta Ianiro, Giulio Sciarra

1207.4734 (Boris Hanin)

Correlations and Pairing Between Zeros and Critical Points of Gaussian
Random Polynomials

Boris Hanin

1208.6029 (Francois Monard et al.)

Inverse anisotropic conductivity from power densities in dimension $n\ge

Francois Monard, Guillaume Bal

1208.6035 (Vincent Bouchard et al.)

A generalized topological recursion for arbitrary ramification    [PDF]

Vincent Bouchard, Joel Hutchinson, Prachi Loliencar, Michael Meiers, Matthew Rupert

1208.6007 (Paolo Amore et al.)

Comment on: "Analytical approximations for the collapse of an empty
spherical bubble"

Paolo Amore, Francisco M. Fernández

1208.6089 (Norio Konno et al.)

Weak convergence of complex-valued measure for bi-product path space
induced by quantum walk

Norio Konno, Etsuo Segawa

1208.6129 (L. V. Bogdanov et al.)

Grassmannians Gr(N-1,N+1), closed differential N-1 forms and
N-dimensional integrable systems

L. V. Bogdanov, B. G. Konopelchenko

1208.6141 (Matthias Plaschke)

Wedge Local Deformations of Charged Fields leading to Anyonic
Commutation Relations

Matthias Plaschke

1208.6145 (Jasper V. Stokman)

Connection coefficients for basic Harish-Chandra series    [PDF]

Jasper V. Stokman

1208.6146 (Liviu-Adrian Cotfas)

Finite quantum mechanical model for the stock market    [PDF]

Liviu-Adrian Cotfas

1208.6153 (Sergio L. Cacciatori et al.)

Squaring the Magic    [PDF]

Sergio L. Cacciatori, Bianca L. Cerchiai, Alessio Marrani

1208.6165 (C. Quesne)

Novel enlarged shape invariance property and exactly solvable rational
extensions of the Rosen-Morse II and Eckart potentials

C. Quesne

1208.6166 (Vladislav V. Kravchenko et al.)

Construction of transmutation operators and hyperbolic pseudoanalytic

Vladislav V. Kravchenko, Sergii M. Torba

1208.6175 (Florian Hübsch et al.)

Random field sampling for a simplified model of melt-blowing considering
turbulent velocity fluctuations

Florian Hübsch, Nicole Marheineke, Klaus Ritter, Raimund Wegener

1208.6193 (Anthony M. Bloch et al.)

Gradient flows in the normal and Kähler metrics and triple bracket
generated metriplectic systems

Anthony M. Bloch, Philip J. Morrison, Tudor S. Ratiu

1208.6196 (Arthemy V. Kiselev et al.)

A comparison of definitions for the Schouten bracket on jet spaces    [PDF]

Arthemy V. Kiselev, Sietse Ringers

1208.6216 (Valentin Bonzom)

Revisiting random tensor models at large N via the Schwinger-Dyson

Valentin Bonzom

1208.6259 (Tai-Chia Lin et al.)

Ground state of nonlinear Schrodinger systems with saturable

Tai-Chia Lin, Milivoj R. Belić, Milan S. Petrović, Goong Chen

1208.6276 (Pavel Bleher et al.)

Exact solution of the six-vertex model with domain wall boundary
conditions. Critical line between disordered and antiferroelectric phases

Pavel Bleher, Thomas Bothner

1208.6278 (Carsten Schubert)

Localization for quantum graphs with a random potential    [PDF]

Carsten Schubert