Friday, August 31, 2012

1207.4734 (Boris Hanin)

Correlations and Pairing Between Zeros and Critical Points of Gaussian
Random Polynomials

Boris Hanin
We study the asymptotics of correlations and nearest neighbor spacings between zeros and holomorphic critical points of $p_N$, a degree N Hermitian Gaussian random polynomial in the sense of Shiffman and Zeldtich, as N goes to infinity. By holomorphic critical point we mean a solution to the equation $\frac{d}{dz}p_N(z)=0.$ Our principal result is an explicit asymptotic formula for the local scaling limit of $\E{Z_{p_N}\wedge C_{p_N}},$ the expected joint intensity of zeros and critical points, around any point on the Riemann sphere. Here $Z_{p_N}$ and $C_{p_N}$ are the currents of integration (i.e. counting measures) over the zeros and critical points of $p_N$, respectively. We prove that correlations between zeros and critical points are short range, decaying like $e^{-N\abs{z-w}^2}.$ With $\abs{z-w}$ on the order of $N^{-1/2},$ however, $\E{Z_{p_N}\wedge C_{p_N}}(z,w)$ is sharply peaked near $z=w,$ causing zeros and critical points to appear in rigid pairs. We compute tight bounds on the expected distance and angular dependence between a critical point and its paired zero.
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