Tuesday, July 10, 2012

0908.0989 (Richard M. Green et al.)

The Veldkamp Space of the Smallest Slim Dense Near Hexagon    [PDF]

Richard M. Green, Metod Saniga

1006.1752 (Dražen Adamović et al.)

The Vertex Algebra $M(1)^+$ and Certain Affine Vertex Algebras of Level

Dražen Adamović, Ozren Perše

1103.5213 (A. V. Bratchikov)

On the computation of star products    [PDF]

A. V. Bratchikov

1105.6220 (Ryokichi Tanaka)

Hydrodynamic limit for weakly asymmetric simple exclusion processes in
crystal lattices

Ryokichi Tanaka

1106.5922 (Inês Aniceto et al.)

The Resurgence of Instantons in String Theory    [PDF]

Inês Aniceto, Ricardo Schiappa, Marcel Vonk

1111.0575 (Dan Romik et al.)

Jeu de taquin dynamics on infinite Young tableaux and second class

Dan Romik, Piotr Śniady

1112.1525 (Daniela Pugliese et al.)

On the evolution equations for ideal magnetohydrodynamics in curved

Daniela Pugliese, Juan A. Valiente Kroon

1207.2112 (Koen van den Dungen et al.)

Pseudo-Riemannian spectral triples and the harmonic oscillator    [PDF]

Koen van den Dungen, Mario Paschke, Adam Rennie

1207.1724 (Francesco Mancarella et al.)

Statistical Interparticle Potential of an Ideal Gas of Non-Abelian

Francesco Mancarella, Andrea Trombettoni, Giuseppe Mussardo

1207.1729 (P. G. Grinevich et al.)

Discrete SL2 Connections and Self-Adjoint Difference Operators on the
Triangulated 2-manifold

P. G. Grinevich, S. P. Novikov

1207.1741 (Vitaly V. Bulatov et al.)

On the dynamics of internal waves propagating in stratified media of a
variable depth: exact and asymptotic solutions

Vitaly V. Bulatov, Yuriy V. Vladimirov

1207.1744 (Cecilia Flori)

Lectures on Topos Quantum Theory    [PDF]

Cecilia Flori

1207.1784 (S. Boukraa et al.)

Holonomic functions of several complex variables and singularities of
anisotropic Ising n-fold integrals

S. Boukraa, S. Hassani, J-M. Maillard

1207.1793 (Dennis DeTurck et al.)

Generalized Gauss maps and integrals for three-component links: toward
higher helicities for magnetic fields and fluid flows, Part 2

Dennis DeTurck, Herman Gluck, Rafal Komendarczyk, Paul Melvin, Haggai Nuchi, Clayton Shonkwiler, David Shea Vela-Vick

1207.1812 (Won-Kwang Park et al.)

Multi-frequency imaging of perfectly conducting cracks via boundary

Won-Kwang Park, Dominique Lesselier

1207.1861 (Pei Wang)

The excitation operator method in the spin dynamics of the
one-dimensional XXZ model

Pei Wang

1207.1869 (A. Marshakov)

Lie Groups, Cluster Variables and Integrable Systems    [PDF]

A. Marshakov

1207.1911 (Alex Mahalov et al.)

Wave Packets and Coherent Structures for Nonlinear Schroedinger
equations in Variable Nonuniform Media

Alex Mahalov, Sergei K. Suslov

1207.1926 (Alethea B. T. Barbaro et al.)

Phase transition and diffusion among socially interacting self-propelled

Alethea B. T. Barbaro, Pierre Degond

1207.1928 (G. Niccoli)

Antiperiodic dynamical 6-vertex and periodic 8-vertex models I: Complete
spectrum by SOV and matrix elements of the identity on separate states

G. Niccoli

1207.1953 (Hiroshi Tamura et al.)

Random point field approach to analysis of anisotropic Bose-Einstein

Hiroshi Tamura, Valentin A. Zagrebnov

1207.1968 (Kazuki Hasebe)

Non-Compact Hopf Maps and Fuzzy Ultra-Hyperboloids    [PDF]

Kazuki Hasebe

1207.1989 (Thomas Bartsch)

Locked solutions of coupled Gross-Pitaevskii equations    [PDF]

Thomas Bartsch

1207.1998 (David N. Sibley et al.)

Slip or not slip? A methodical examination of the interface formation
model using two-dimensional droplet spreading on a horizontal planar
substrate as a prototype system

David N. Sibley, Nikos Savva, Serafim Kalliadasis

1207.2013 (Fabio Bagarello)

(Regular) pseudo-bosons versus bosons    [PDF]

Fabio Bagarello

1207.2015 (Fabio Bagarello et al.)

Locally convex quasi $C^*$-normed algebras    [PDF]

Fabio Bagarello, Maria Fragoulopoulou, Atsushi Inoue, Camillo TRapani

1207.2019 (Fabio Bagarello et al.)

Representable linear functionals on partial *-algebras    [PDF]

Fabio Bagarello, Atsushi Inoue, Camillo Trapani

1207.2021 (Fabio Bagarello et al.)

Induced and reduced unbounded operator algebras    [PDF]

Fabio Bagarello, Atsushi Inoue, Camillo Trapani

1207.2070 (Mattia Cipriani et al.)

Effective Action of Non-Abelian Monopole-Vortex Complex    [PDF]

Mattia Cipriani, Toshiaki Fujimori

1207.2082 (Roberk Kesler et al.)

The Casimir Effect on Laakso Sapces    [PDF]

Roberk Kesler, Benjamin Steinhurst

1207.2096 (J. S. Dowker)

Heat-kernels on the discrete circle and interval    [PDF]

J. S. Dowker

1207.2116 (Bernold Fiedler et al.)

Anisotropic Einstein data with isotropic nonnegative scalar curvature    [PDF]

Bernold Fiedler, Juliette Hell, Brian Smith

1207.2136 (David Aristoff)

Percolation for a point process with hard core    [PDF]

David Aristoff