Thursday, September 27, 2012

0909.1242 (Alessandra Bianchi et al.)

Pointwise estimates and exponential laws in metastable systems via
coupling methods

Alessandra Bianchi, Anton Bovier, Dmitry Ioffe

0911.2446 (Timo Seppäläinen)

Scaling for a one-dimensional directed polymer with boundary conditions    [PDF]

Timo Seppäläinen

0912.0097 (Benedek Valko et al.)

Random Schrodinger operators on long boxes, noise explosion and the GOE    [PDF]

Benedek Valko, Balint Virag

1108.5131 (Chong-Sun Chu)

A Theory of Non-Abelian Tensor Gauge Field with Non-Abelian Gauge
Symmetry G x G

Chong-Sun Chu

1209.5673 (Gabor Zsolt Toth)

Projection operator approach to the quantization of higher spin fields    [PDF]

Gabor Zsolt Toth

1209.5792 (J. B. Formiga)

A list of identities made with products between two different generators
of the Clifford algebra

J. B. Formiga

1209.5839 (Alexander Samokhin et al.)

Stationary iteration methods for solving 3D electromagnetic scattering

Alexander Samokhin, Yury Shestopalov, Kazuya Kobayashi

1209.5863 (Scipio Cuccagna et al.)

Decay and scattering of small solutions of pure power NLS in $\R$ with
$p>3$ and with a potential

Scipio Cuccagna, Vladimir Georgiev, Nicola Visciglia

1209.5882 (M. Zaba et al.)

Levy flights in confining environments: Random paths and their

M. Zaba, P. Garbaczewski, V. Stephanovich

1209.5884 (K. Andrzejewski et al.)

N-Galilean conformal algebras and higher derivatives Lagrangians    [PDF]

K. Andrzejewski, J. Gonera

1209.5886 (Ilka Agricola et al.)

Einstein manifolds with skew torsion    [PDF]

Ilka Agricola, Ana Cristina Ferreira

1209.5926 (François Bentosela et al.)

Sub-linear capacity scaling for multi-path channel models    [PDF]

François Bentosela, Eric Soccorsi

1209.5996 (Jacques Laskar)

Is the Solar System Stable ?    [PDF]

Jacques Laskar

1209.6047 (Howard S. Cohl)

Fourier, Gegenbauer and Jacobi expansions for a power-law fundamental
solution of the polyharmonic equation and polyspherical addition theorems

Howard S. Cohl