Monday, April 29, 2013

1107.4490 (Alberto Lovison et al.)

Finite Mechanical Proxies for a Class of Reducible Continuum Systems    [PDF]

Alberto Lovison, Franco Cardin

1304.7016 (Decio Levi et al.)

Lie groups and numerical solutions of differential equations: Invariant
discretization versus differential approximation

Decio Levi, Pavel Winternitz

1304.7018 (Jasper Kreeft et al.)

Higher-order compatible discretization on hexahedrals    [PDF]

Jasper Kreeft, Marc Gerritsma

1304.7041 (Ricardo E. Gamboa Saraví et al.)

On well-posedness of the Cauchy problem for the wave equation in static
spherically symmetric spacetimes

Ricardo E. Gamboa Saraví, Marcela Sanmartino, Philippe Tchamitchian

1304.7043 (Shane Cooper)

Homogenisation and spectral convergence of a periodic elastic composite
with weakly compressible inclusions

Shane Cooper

1304.7059 (Ian Marquette)

Quartic Poisson algebras and quartic associative algebras and
realizations as deformed oscillator algebras

Ian Marquette

1304.7063 (Ekaterina Shemyakova)

Factorization of Darboux Transformations of Arbitrary Order for
Two-dimensional Schrödinger operator

Ekaterina Shemyakova

1304.7071 (Jakob Ablinger et al.)

Harmonic Sums, Polylogarithms, Special Numbers, and their

Jakob Ablinger, Johannes Blümlein

1304.7164 (Linjing Li et al.)

High-order rogue waves for the Hirota equation    [PDF]

Linjing Li, Zhiwei Wu, Lihong Wang, Jingsong He

1304.7203 (J. Fernández Núñez et al.)

A method for computing the generating function of the characters of
simple Lie algebras

J. Fernández Núñez, W. García Fuertes, A. M. Perelomov

1304.7216 (Geoffrey R. Grimmett et al.)

Counting self-avoiding walks    [PDF]

Geoffrey R. Grimmett, Zhongyang Li

1304.7234 (Kasper Duivenvoorden et al.)

From symmetry-protected topological order to Landau order    [PDF]

Kasper Duivenvoorden, Thomas Quella

1304.7259 (Gilad Gour et al.)

Classification of multipartite entanglement in all dimensions    [PDF]

Gilad Gour, Nolan R. Wallach