Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1103.3306 (Moises Santillan et al.)

Stochastic Thermodynamics Across Scales: Emergent Inter-attractoral
Discrete Markov Jump Process and Its Underlying Continuous Diffusion

Moises Santillan, Hong Qian

1110.1540 (Augustin de Maere et al.)

Exponential Decay of Correlations for Strongly Coupled Toom
Probabilistic Cellular Automata

Augustin de Maere, Lise Ponselet

1110.4354 (Micka ël D. Chekroun et al.)

Invariant Measures for Dissipative Dynamical Systems: Abstract Results
and Applications

Micka ël D. Chekroun, Nathan E. Glatt-Holtz

1111.1974 (M. Angelova et al.)

Squeezed coherent states and the one-dimensional Morse quantum system    [PDF]

M. Angelova, A. Hertz, V. Hussin

1201.1614 (Juanjuan Sun)

Polynomial Relations for q-Characters via the ODE/IM Correspondence    [PDF]

Juanjuan Sun

1205.3187 (Alexander Dynin)

Pseudovariational operators and Quantum Yang-Mills theory    [PDF]

Alexander Dynin

1205.3201 (Sergei L Lukyanov)

The integrable harmonic map problem versus Ricci flow    [PDF]

Sergei L Lukyanov

1205.3211 (Umpei Miyamoto et al.)

Information metric from a linear sigma model    [PDF]

Umpei Miyamoto, Shigeaki Yahikozawa

1205.3237 (Qiao-fu Zhang)

Divergence form nonlinear nonsmooth parabolic equations with locally
arbitrary growth conditions and nonlinear maximal regularity

Qiao-fu Zhang

1205.3248 (Alexis Drouot - Maciej Zworski)

A quantitative version of the Catlin-D'Angelo-Quillen theorem    [PDF]

Alexis Drouot - Maciej Zworski

1205.3256 (Emilio Rubín de Cellis et al.)

Massless geodesics in $AdS_5\times Y(p,q)$ as a superintegrable system    [PDF]

Emilio Rubín de Cellis, Osvaldo Santillán

1205.3285 (Wolfgang Globke)

Holonomy Groups of Complete Flat Pseudo-Riemannian Homogeneous Spaces    [PDF]

Wolfgang Globke

1205.3330 (Alexander G. Anderson et al.)

Complex Trajectories in a Classical Periodic Potential    [PDF]

Alexander G. Anderson, Carl M. Bender

1205.3333 (Souvik Pramanik et al.)

Taming the Ghost in Pais-Uhlenbeck Oscillator    [PDF]

Souvik Pramanik, Subir Ghosh

1205.3335 (Adil Belhaj)

Symétrie en Physique: Algèbres de Lie, Théorie des groupes et

Adil Belhaj

1205.3339 (Nicolas Boulanger et al.)

A minimal BV action for Vasiliev's four-dimensional higher spin gravity    [PDF]

Nicolas Boulanger, Nicolo Colombo, Per Sundell

1205.3362 (J. -F. Bony et al.)

Resonances and Spectral Shift Function Singularities for Magnetic
Quantum Hamiltonians

J. -F. Bony, V. Bruneau, G. Raikov

1205.3385 (Jakob E. Björnberg)

Infrared bound and mean-field behaviour in the quantum Ising model    [PDF]

Jakob E. Björnberg

1205.3396 (Maximilian Butz)

Existence of a unique strong solution to the DMPK equation    [PDF]

Maximilian Butz

1205.3407 (Robert Koenig et al.)

Limits on classical communication from quantum entropy power

Robert Koenig, Graeme Smith

1205.3409 (Robert Koenig et al.)

The entropy power inequality for quantum systems    [PDF]

Robert Koenig, Graeme Smith

1205.3432 (D. L. Stein et al.)

Spin Glasses: Old and New Complexity    [PDF]

D. L. Stein, C. M. Newman

1205.3443 (E. M. Ovsiyuk)

Spin 1 field in the Lobachevsky space H_{3}: horospherical coordinates,
exact solutions

E. M. Ovsiyuk

1205.3444 (Edward Yesid Villegas)

Symbolic Solution for Generalized Quantum Cylindrical Wells using
Computer Algebra

Edward Yesid Villegas

1205.3461 (Maria V. Perel et al.)

Representations of solutions of the wave equation based on relativistic

Maria V. Perel, Evgeny A. Gorodnitskiy

1205.3480 (Patryk Mach)

All solutions of the n = 5 Lane-Emden equation    [PDF]

Patryk Mach

1205.3484 (Thomas-Paul Hack et al.)

Linear bosonic and fermionic quantum gauge theories on curved spacetimes    [PDF]

Thomas-Paul Hack, Alexander Schenkel