Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1205.3444 (Edward Yesid Villegas)

Symbolic Solution for Generalized Quantum Cylindrical Wells using
Computer Algebra

Edward Yesid Villegas
This paper present how to solve the problem of cylindrical quantum wells with potential energy different from zero and with singularity of the energy on the axis of the cylinder. The solution to the problem was obtained using methods of computer algebra. The results depend of Bessel and Kummer functions. This paper present energy levels and wave functions in some of the cases with an exactly form and in other cases with an approximated form, this form depended on the possibility of integrating the special functions and calculating the zeros of these functions. Here we can see the power of the method in the applications concerning complex problems of quantum mechanics, and the possibility of being able to apply this method in order to solve other problems in science and also in engineering.
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