Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1007.0745 (George Kastrinakis)

A fermionic superfluid state for many spinful species - II    [PDF]

George Kastrinakis

1105.5876 (Petr M. Akhmet'ev)

On asymptotic higher analogs of the magnetic helicity invariant in MHD    [PDF]

Petr M. Akhmet'ev

1106.3261 (Pedro D. Prieto-Martínez et al.)

Lagrangian-Hamiltonian unified formalism for autonomous higher-order
dynamical systems

Pedro D. Prieto-Martínez, Narciso Román-Roy

1210.6038 (Jonathan Hauenstein et al.)

Numerical Analyses on Moduli Space of Vacua    [PDF]

Jonathan Hauenstein, Yang-Hui He, Dhagash Mehta

1210.6083 (D. Talati et al.)

A bi-Hamiltonian Integrable Two Component Generalization of the
third-Order Burgers Equation

D. Talati, R. Turhan

1210.6139 (Leonid Bedratyuk)

Derivations and identities for Kravchuk polynomials    [PDF]

Leonid Bedratyuk

1210.6140 (Olga V. Radchenko et al.)

Notes on soft breaking of BRST symmetry in the Batalin-Vilkovisky

Olga V. Radchenko, Alexander A. Reshetnyak

1210.6147 (Luciano Pandolfi)

Traction, deformation and velocity of deformation in a viscoelastic

Luciano Pandolfi

1210.6167 (M. Korbelar et al.)

Symmetries of finite Heisenberg groups for multipartite systems    [PDF]

M. Korbelar, J. Tolar

1210.6248 (Yuan Huang et al.)

Two-dimensional Potts antiferromagnets with a phase transition at
arbitrarily large q

Yuan Huang, Kun Chen, Youjin Deng, Jesper Lykke Jacobsen, Roman Kotecký, Jesús Salas, Alan D. Sokal, Jan M. Swart

1210.6250 (Fabio Manca et al.)

Theory and Monte Carlo simulations for the stretching of flexible and
semi-flexible single polymer chains under external fields

Fabio Manca, Stefano Giordano, Pier Luca Palla, Fabrizio Cleri, Luciano Colombo

1210.6251 (Young S. Kim et al.)

Dirac Matrices and Feynman's Rest of the Universe    [PDF]

Young S. Kim, Marilyn E. Noz

1210.6271 (Alberto Enciso et al.)

Existence of knotted vortex tubes in steady Euler flows    [PDF]

Alberto Enciso, Daniel Peralta-Salas

1210.6277 (Geoffrey R. Grimmett et al.)

Bounds on connective constants of regular graphs    [PDF]

Geoffrey R. Grimmett, Zhongyang Li

1210.6302 (Peng Zhang et al.)

Nonparaxial Mathieu and Weber accelerating beams    [PDF]

Peng Zhang, Yi Hu, Tongcang Li, Drake Cannan, Xiaobo Yin, Roberto Morandotti, Zhigang Chen, Xiang Zhang

1210.6325 (Artur Avila)

On the Kotani-Last and Schrodinger conjectures    [PDF]

Artur Avila

1210.6334 (Maël Le Treust et al.)

Resilient Source Coding    [PDF]

Maël Le Treust, Samson Lasaulce