Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1101.5113 (Johan Noldus)

Foundations of a theory of quantum gravity    [PDF]

Johan Noldus

1106.4702 (B. G. Giraud et al.)

Concavity Theorems for Energy Surfaces    [PDF]

B. G. Giraud, S. Karataglidis

1205.3724 (B. Ransingh et al.)

Iwasawa decomposition and Vogan diagrams of some hyperbolic Kac-Moody

B. Ransingh, K. C. Pati

1301.5525 (Frédéric Faure et al.)

Band structure of the Ruelle spectrum of contact Anosov flows    [PDF]

Frédéric Faure, Masato Tsujii

1305.0659 (Maria Vittoria Gargiulo et al.)

Doubling of the Algebra and Neutrino Mixing within Noncommutative
Spectral Geometry

Maria Vittoria Gargiulo, Mairi Sakellariadou, Giuseppe Vitiello

1305.0838 (Diego Alberici et al.)

Solution of the monomer-dimer model on locally tree-like graphs.
Rigorous results

Diego Alberici, Pierluigi Contucci

1305.0962 (Juan Manuel Burgos)

Two-dimensional Minkowski causal automorphisms and conformal maps    [PDF]

Juan Manuel Burgos

1305.0970 (Q. H. Liu)

Geometric momentum for a particle constrained on a curved hypersurface    [PDF]

Q. H. Liu

1305.1008 (Yulong Fu et al.)

Proof of a Conjecture on the Genus Two Free Energy Associated to the A_n

Yulong Fu, Si-Qi Liu, Youjin Zhang, Chunhui Zhou

1305.1009 (Denis Borisov et al.)

Homogenization and uniform resolvent convergence for elliptic operators
in a strip perforated along a curve

Denis Borisov, Giuseppe Cardone, Tiziana Durante

1305.1025 (Maurice A. de Gosson)

Symplectic and Hamiltonian Deformations of Gabor Frames    [PDF]

Maurice A. de Gosson

1305.1030 (Chao-Zhong Wu et al.)

Infinite-dimensional Frobenius Manifolds Underlying the Toda Lattice

Chao-Zhong Wu, Dafeng Zuo

1305.1034 (Ivan Kryven et al.)

Predicting multidimensional distributive properties of hyperbranched
polymer resulting from AB2 polymerization with substitution, cyclization and

Ivan Kryven, Piet D. Iedema

1305.1039 (Leander Geisinger)

Convergence of the density of states and delocalization of eigenvectors
on random regular graphs

Leander Geisinger

1305.1063 (Richard Montgomery)

MICZ-Kepler = dynamics on the cone over the rotation group    [PDF]

Richard Montgomery

1305.1092 (Antal A. Járai et al.)

Electrical resistance of the low dimensional critical branching random

Antal A. Járai, Asaf Nachmias

1305.1113 (Nicolai Reshetikhin et al.)

Reflection quantum Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equations and Bethe vectors    [PDF]

Nicolai Reshetikhin, Jasper Stokman, Bart Vlaar

1305.1180 (Giulio G. Giusteri et al.)

Nonlinear free fall of one-dimensional rigid bodies in hyperviscous

Giulio G. Giusteri, Alfredo Marzocchi, Alessandro Musesti

1305.1217 (T. Imamura et al.)

On the equal time two-point distribution of the one-dimensional KPZ
equation by replica

T. Imamura, T. Sasamoto, H. Spohn

1305.1228 (Anton A. Kutsenko)

Periodic lattice with defects    [PDF]

Anton A. Kutsenko

1305.1246 (Francesco D'Andrea et al.)

Anti-selfdual Connections On The Quantum Projective Plane: Instantons    [PDF]

Francesco D'Andrea, Giovanni Landi

1305.1257 (Hugo Duminil-Copin et al.)

On the probability that self-avoiding walk ends at a given point    [PDF]

Hugo Duminil-Copin, Alexander Glazman, Alan Hammond, Ioan Manolescu

1305.1264 (Ehab Malkawi)

Transformation Property of the Caputo Fractional Differential Operator
in Two Dimensional Space

Ehab Malkawi