Monday, October 1, 2012

1107.3918 (Zodinmawia et al.)

SU(N) quantum Racah coefficients & non-torus links    [PDF]

Zodinmawia, P. Ramadevi

1209.5933 (Erkka Haapasalo et al.)

When do pieces determine the whole? Extremal marginals of a completely
positive map

Erkka Haapasalo, Teiko Heinosaari, Juha-Pekka Pellonpää

1209.6366 (Ferenc Balogh et al.)

Strong asymptotics of the orthogonal polynomial with respect to a
measure supported on the plane

Ferenc Balogh, Marco Bertola, Seung Yeop Lee, Kenneth D. T-R McLaughlin

1209.6434 (Hendrik De Bie)

Clifford algebras, Fourier transforms and quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Hendrik De Bie

1209.6494 (Yorick Hardy et al.)

Spin-Hamilton Operator, Graviton-Photon Coupling and an Eigenvalue

Yorick Hardy, Willi-Hans Steeb

1209.6524 (Christian Bogner et al.)

Symbolic integration and multiple polylogarithms    [PDF]

Christian Bogner, Francis Brown

1209.6576 (David Mumford et al.)

On Euler's equation and `EPDiff'    [PDF]

David Mumford, Peter W. Michor

1209.6588 (Tomaz Prosen)

Generic examples of PT-symmetric qubit (spin 1/2) Liouvillians    [PDF]

Tomaz Prosen

1209.6618 (Markus Schmuck)

New porous medium Poisson-Nernst-Planck equations for strongly
oscillating electric potentials

Markus Schmuck

1209.6619 (P. Di Francesco)

An inhomogeneous Lambda-determinant    [PDF]

P. Di Francesco

1209.6621 (Robert Coquereaux)

Quantum McKay correspondence and global dimensions for fusion and
module-categories associated with Lie groups

Robert Coquereaux