Monday, April 1, 2013

1303.7258 (Paulo H. F. Reimberg et al.)

CMB and Random Flights: temperature and polarization in position space    [PDF]

Paulo H. F. Reimberg, L. Raul Abramo

1303.7371 (Vincent Rivasseau)

Spheres are rare    [PDF]

Vincent Rivasseau

1303.7381 (Erik Bedos et al.)

Fourier series and twisted C*-crossed products    [PDF]

Erik Bedos, Roberto Conti

1303.7384 (Michael V. Klibanov)

Uniqueness of two phaseless inverse acoustics problems in 3-d    [PDF]

Michael V. Klibanov

1303.7392 (Antonio Giorgilli et al.)

Su un'estensione della teoria di Lagrange per i moti secolari    [PDF]

Antonio Giorgilli, Ugo Locatelli, Marco Sansottera

1303.7395 (Antonio Giorgilli et al.)

Kolmogorov and Nekhoroshev theory for the problem of three bodies    [PDF]

Antonio Giorgilli, Ugo Locatelli, Marco Sansottera

1303.7398 (Antonio Giorgilli et al.)

Methods of algebraic manipulation in perturbation theory    [PDF]

Antonio Giorgilli, Marco Sansottera

1303.7426 (Erik Christensen)

On the interpretation of [D,a] as an infinite matrix    [PDF]

Erik Christensen

1303.7431 (Kamal El Asli et al.)

Hall Conductivities for Confined System in Noncommutative Plane    [PDF]

Kamal El Asli, Rachid Houca, Ahmed Jellal

1303.7444 (Thomas Friedrich)

Cocalibrated G_2-manifolds with Ricci flat characteristic connection    [PDF]

Thomas Friedrich

1303.7464 (Yanbao Zhang et al.)

Efficient quantification of experimental evidence against local realism    [PDF]

Yanbao Zhang, Scott Glancy, Emanuel Knill