Friday, June 8, 2012

1101.3996 (David Li-Bland et al.)

Integration of Exact Courant Algebroids    [PDF]

David Li-Bland, Pavol Severa

1109.0972 (Oliver Fabert et al.)

Topological recursion relations in the symplectic field theory of
mapping tori and local symplectic field theory

Oliver Fabert, Paolo Rossi

1201.0948 (Liana David)

On adding a variable to a Frobenius manifold and generalizations    [PDF]

Liana David

1201.1631 (Alexei A. Mailybaev)

Renormalization and universality of blowup in hydrodynamic flows    [PDF]

Alexei A. Mailybaev

1206.0678 (Sunggeun Lee et al.)

Notes on Emergent Gravity    [PDF]

Sunggeun Lee, Raju Roychowdhury, Hyun Seok Yang

1206.1367 (E. Cobanera et al.)

The non-Abelian Duality Problem    [PDF]

E. Cobanera, G. Ortiz, E. Knill

1206.1372 (J. Muñoz Díaz)

Relativistic forces in Lagangian mechanics    [PDF]

J. Muñoz Díaz

1206.1416 (Julian Lee et al.)

A derivation of the master equation from path entropy maximization    [PDF]

Julian Lee, Steve Pressé

1206.1449 (Paul Bourgade et al.)

Local Circular Law for Random Matrices    [PDF]

Paul Bourgade, Horng-Tzer Yau, Jun Yin

1206.1468 (Ovidiu Costin et al.)

Oscillatory critical amplitudes in hierarchical models and the tail of
the Harris random variable

Ovidiu Costin, Giambattista Giacomin

1206.1496 (Dmitry Treschev et al.)

On Collisions in Nonholonomic systems    [PDF]

Dmitry Treschev, Oleg Zubelevich

1206.1512 (D. Bollé et al.)

On the spectra of sparse graphs with loops    [PDF]

D. Bollé, F. L. Metz, I. Neri

1206.1519 (Noureddine Chair)

Exact two-point resistance, and the simple random on the complete graph
minus $ N$ edges

Noureddine Chair

1206.1528 (Francesco Buccheri)

Generating function for sine-Gordon correlators in finite volume from
the inhomogeneous XXZ chain

Francesco Buccheri

1206.1555 (D. Ojeda-Guillén et al.)

SU(1,1) and SU(2) Perelomov number coherent states: algebraic approach
for general systems

D. Ojeda-Guillén, R. D. Mota, V. D. Granados

1206.1559 (Erhard Scholz)

Paving the way for transitions between theories --- a case for Weyl

Erhard Scholz

1206.1562 (Christopher J. Fewster et al.)

On a Recent Construction of "Vacuum-like" Quantum Field States in Curved

Christopher J. Fewster, Rainer Verch

1206.1564 (Oliver Fabert)

Floer theory, Frobenius manifolds and integrable systems    [PDF]

Oliver Fabert