Thursday, March 22, 2012

0812.4269 (Nizar Demni)

Note on radial Dunkl processes    [PDF]

Nizar Demni

1101.1053 (Asif Shakeel)

An Improved Query for the Hidden Subgroup Problem    [PDF]

Asif Shakeel

1108.3811 (Eman Hamza et al.)

Dynamical Localization in Disordered Quantum Spin Systems    [PDF]

Eman Hamza, Robert Sims, Günter Stolz

1109.0447 (Stefan Teufel et al.)

Spontaneous decay of resonant energy levels for molecules with moving

Stefan Teufel, Jakob Wachsmuth

1112.0891 (Evgeny Lakshtanov et al.)

Remarks on interior transmission eigenvalues, Weyl formula and branching

Evgeny Lakshtanov, Boris Vainberg

1203.4574 (Mehmet Koca et al.)

Quaterionic Construction of the W(F_4) Polytopes with Their Dual
Polytopes and Branching under the Subgroups B(B_4) and W(B_3)*W(A_1)

Mehmet Koca, Mudhahir Al-Ajmi, Nazife Koca

1203.4556 (Selcuk S. Bayin)

On the Consistency of the Solutions of the Space Fractional
Schrödinger Equation

Selcuk S. Bayin

1203.4558 (Karl Svozil)

Mathemathical methods of theoretical physics    [PDF]

Karl Svozil

1203.4589 (Adam B. Hopkins et al.)

Nonequilibrium static diverging length scales on approaching a
prototypical model glassy state

Adam B. Hopkins, Frank H. Stillinger, Sal Torquato

1203.4623 (C. B. Muratov et al.)

Threshold phenomena for symmetric decreasing solutions of
reaction-diffusion equations

C. B. Muratov, X. Zhong

1203.4674 (Ksenia Bulycheva)

Monopole solutions to the Bogomolny equation as three-dimensional
generalizations of the Kronecker series

Ksenia Bulycheva

1203.4700 (Jochen Schmid)

A note on the well-posedness of non-autonomous linear evolution

Jochen Schmid

1203.4719 (Eric A. Carlen et al.)

Bounds for Entanglement via an Extension of Strong Subadditivity of

Eric A. Carlen, Elliott H. Lieb

1203.4739 (Hans L. Fetter)

Numerical exploration of a hexagonal string billiard    [PDF]

Hans L. Fetter

1203.4767 (William D. Kirwin et al.)

Complex time evolution in geometric quantization and generalized
coherent state transforms

William D. Kirwin, José M. Mourão, João P. Nunes

1203.4783 (A. A. Zheltukhin)

On nonlinearity of p-brane dynamics    [PDF]

A. A. Zheltukhin

1203.4794 (Huai-Dong Cao)

Existence of Gradient Kahler-Ricci Solitons    [PDF]

Huai-Dong Cao