Thursday, March 22, 2012

1203.4589 (Adam B. Hopkins et al.)

Nonequilibrium static diverging length scales on approaching a
prototypical model glassy state

Adam B. Hopkins, Frank H. Stillinger, Sal Torquato
Maximally random jammed states of hard spheres are prototypical glasses. We study the small wavenumber $k$ behavior of the structure factor $S(k)$ of overcompressed million-sphere packings as a function of density up to the jammed state. We find both a precursor to the glassy jammed state evident long before the jamming density is reached and an associated growing length scale, extracted from the volume integral of the direct correlation function $c(r)$, which diverges at the "critical" jammed state. We also define a nonequilibrium index $X$ and use it to demonstrate that the packings studied are intrinsically nonequilibrium in nature well before the critical point is reached.
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