Sunday, November 4, 2012

1211.0029 (Jean-Paul Blaizot et al.)

Universal shocks in the Wishart random matrix ensemble - 1    [PDF]

Jean-Paul Blaizot, Maciej A. Nowak, Piotr WarchoĊ‚

1211.0030 (Ralph Blumenhagen et al.)

Non-geometric strings, symplectic gravity and differential geometry of
Lie algebroids

Ralph Blumenhagen, Andreas Deser, Erik Plauschinn, Felix Rennecke

1211.0049 (Mary Beth Ruskai)

Remarks on on Kim's Strong Subadditivity Matrix Inequality: Extensions
and Equality Conditions

Mary Beth Ruskai

1211.0058 (Tepper L Gill et al.)

Note on the Spectral Theorem    [PDF]

Tepper L Gill, Daniel Williams

1211.0079 (H. C. Rosu et al.)

Nonsingular parametric oscillators Darboux-related to the classical
harmonic oscillator

H. C. Rosu, O. Cornejo-Perez, P. Chen

1211.0099 (Vladimir Kruchinin et al.)

Application of a composition of generating functions for obtaining
explicit formulas of polynomials

Vladimir Kruchinin, Dmitry Kruchinin

1211.0100 (George W. Bluman et al.)

A Symmetry-Based Method for Constructing Nonlocally Related PDE Systems    [PDF]

George W. Bluman, Zhengzheng Yang

1211.0131 (Li Jinkai)

Global Strong and Weak Solutions to Nematic Liquid Crystal Flow in Two

Li Jinkai

1211.0211 (Francis J. Chung)

Partial Data for the Neumann-Dirichlet Map    [PDF]

Francis J. Chung

1211.0215 (Hoan Bui Dang et al.)

Linear Dependencies in Weyl-Heisenberg Orbits    [PDF]

Hoan Bui Dang, Kate Blanchfield, Ingemar Bengtsson, D. M. Appleby

1211.0244 (Vladimir Kanovei et al.)

Tools, objects, and chimeras: Connes on the role of hyperreals in

Vladimir Kanovei, Mikhail G. Katz, Thomas Mormann

1211.0268 (Jeremy Faupin et al.)

On Rayleigh scattering in non-relativistic quantum electrodynamics    [PDF]

Jeremy Faupin, Israel Michael Sigal