Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1001.4018 (M. Beccaria et al.)

Exact computation of one-loop correction to energy of spinning folded
string in AdS_5 x S^5

M. Beccaria, G. V. Dunne, V. Forini, M. Pawellek, A. A. Tseytlin

1010.5945 (V. Cohen-Aptel et al.)

Produits Gamma et vecteurs propres de matrices de Cartan    [PDF]

V. Cohen-Aptel, V. Schechtman

1102.4920 (Josua Groeger)

Holomorphic Supercurves and Supersymmetric Sigma Models    [PDF]

Josua Groeger

1111.5262 (M. P. Woods et al.)

Mappings of open quantum systems onto chain representations and
Markovian embeddings

M. P. Woods, R. Groux, A. W. Chin, S. F. Huelga, M. B. Plenio

1203.4936 (Michaël Fanuel et al.)

Affine Quantization and the Initial Cosmological Singularity    [PDF]

Michaël Fanuel, Simone Zonetti

1211.0608 (Raphael Lefevere)

Macroscopic diffusion from a Hamilton-like dynamics    [PDF]

Raphael Lefevere

1211.0609 (Mehmet Tekkoyun et al.)

Mechanical Systems on an almost Kähler model of a Finsler Manifold    [PDF]

Mehmet Tekkoyun, Oğuzhan Çelik

1211.0641 (R. Mehrem)

An Analytical Solution To A Special Case Of The Weber-Schafheitlin

R. Mehrem

1211.0705 (Bernard J. Laurenzi)

Logarithmic Integrals of Airy Functions    [PDF]

Bernard J. Laurenzi

1211.0728 (K. S. Turitsyn et al.)

Fast Algorithm for N-2 Contingency Problem    [PDF]

K. S. Turitsyn, P. A. Kaplunovich

1211.0739 (Luís Daniel Abreu et al.)

A $q$-linear analogue of the plane wave expansion    [PDF]

Luís Daniel Abreu, Óscar Ciaurri, Juan Luis Varona

1211.0745 (Marek Biskup et al.)

Isoperimetry in two-dimensional percolation    [PDF]

Marek Biskup, Oren Louidor, Eviatar B. Procaccia, Ron Rosenthal

1211.0754 (Georgy L. Alfimov et al.)

Coding of nonlinear states for the Gross-Pitaevskii equation with
periodic potential

Georgy L. Alfimov, Alexei I. Avramenko

1211.0760 (Anton Galajinsky)

Remark on integrable deformations of the Euler top    [PDF]

Anton Galajinsky

1211.0773 (Won-Kwang Park et al.)

Determination of the unknown support of thin penetrable inclusions
within a half-space from multi-frequency response matrix

Won-Kwang Park, Dominique Lesselier

1211.0791 (Vladimir Georgescu et al.)

Boundary values of resolvents of self-adjoint operators in Krein spaces    [PDF]

Vladimir Georgescu, Christian Gérard, Dietrich Häfner

1211.0803 (Yusuke Higuchi et al.)

Quantum graph walks I: mapping to quantum walks    [PDF]

Yusuke Higuchi, Norio Konno, Iwao Sato, Etsuo Segawa

1211.0888 (Shouxin Chen et al.)

Exact kink solitons in a monopole confinement problem    [PDF]

Shouxin Chen, Yijun Li, Yisong Yang

1211.0913 (C. A. Downing)

On a solution of the Schrodinger equation with a hyperbolic double-well

C. A. Downing

1211.0926 (Zachary MacDonald et al.)

Finite temperature analytical results for a harmonically confined gas
obeying exclusion statistics in $d$-dimensions

Zachary MacDonald, Brandon P. van Zyl

1211.0948 (Rogério G. Alves et al.)

Percolation on infinite graphs and isoperimetric inequalities    [PDF]

Rogério G. Alves, Aldo Procacci, Remy Sanchis

1211.0976 (Herbert Kurke et al.)

Commuting differential operators and higher-dimensional algebraic

Herbert Kurke, Denis Osipov, Alexander Zheglov