Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1012.2069 (E. A. Ivanov et al.)

Dirac Operator on Complex Manifolds and Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

E. A. Ivanov, A. V. Smilga

1111.2987 (Jianghong Shi et al.)

Relation of Biologically Motivated New Interpretation of Stochastic
Differential Equations to Ito Process

Jianghong Shi, Tianqi Chen, Ruoshi Yuan, Bo Yuan, Ping Ao

1210.4241 (Luis L. Sanchez-Soto et al.)

Variations on the adiabatic invariance: the Lorentz pendulum    [PDF]

Luis L. Sanchez-Soto, J. Zoido

1210.4022 (Maurice Robert Kibler et al.)

Phase states and coherent states for generalized Weyl-Heisenberg

Maurice Robert Kibler, Mohammed Daoud

1210.4201 (Dana Mendelson et al.)

Rate of Convergence for Cardy's Formula    [PDF]

Dana Mendelson, Asaf Nachmias, Samuel S. Watson

1210.4224 (Shinichi Kotani et al.)

Level statistics of one-dimensional Schrödinger operators with random
decaying potential

Shinichi Kotani, Fumihiko Nakano

1210.4232 (David Galvin et al.)

Phase coexistence and torpid mixing in the 3-coloring model on Z^d    [PDF]

David Galvin, Jeff Kahn, Dana Randall, Gregory Sorkin

1210.4254 (Oleg V. Kaptsov et al.)

Application of the B-Determining Equations Method to One Problem of Free

Oleg V. Kaptsov, Alexey V. Schmidt

1210.4288 (Peter Stollmann)

Erratum to: From Uncertainty Principles to Wegner Estimates    [PDF]

Peter Stollmann

1210.4302 (Ezio Vasselli)

Presheaves of symmetric tensor categories and nets of C*-algebras    [PDF]

Ezio Vasselli

1210.4327 (Ayush Choure et al.)

Improved bounds on the sandpile diffusions on Grid graphs    [PDF]

Ayush Choure, Sundar Vishwanathan

1210.4354 (Joonas Ilmavirta)

Broken Ray Tomography in the Disk    [PDF]

Joonas Ilmavirta

1210.4410 (Richard Herrmann)

The fractional Schrödinger equation and the infinite potential well -
numerical results using the Riesz derivative

Richard Herrmann

1210.4423 (Christian Fitzner et al.)

Breathers and their interaction in the massless Gross-Neveu model    [PDF]

Christian Fitzner, Michael Thies

1210.4436 (Carla Cederbaum)

Geometrostatics: the geometry of static space-times    [PDF]

Carla Cederbaum

1210.4438 (Gregory Schehr et al.)

Reunion probability of N vicious walkers: typical and large fluctuations
for large N

Gregory Schehr, Satya N. Majumdar, Alain Comtet, Peter J. Forrester

1210.4456 (Alan Lai)

Quantizing G-connections via the tangent groupoid    [PDF]

Alan Lai

1210.4486 (Olalla A. Castro-Alvaredo et al.)

Entanglement in permutation symmetric states, fractal dimensions, and
geometric quantum mechanics

Olalla A. Castro-Alvaredo, Benjamin Doyon

1210.4503 (Jong-Ping Hsu et al.)

The S-matrix and graviton self-energy in quantum Yang-Mills gravity    [PDF]

Jong-Ping Hsu, Sung Hoon Kim

1210.4514 (Philippe Di Francesco)

Integrable Combinatorics    [PDF]

Philippe Di Francesco

1210.4515 (Alexander V Turbiner)

From quantum $A_N$ (Sutherland) to $E_8$ trigonometric model    [PDF]

Alexander V Turbiner

1210.4527 (Tiago Fonseca et al.)

Higher spin generalization of the 6-vertex model and Macdonald

Tiago Fonseca, Ferenc Balogh

1210.4528 (Jenny Harrison)

Operator Calculus of Differential Chains and Differential Forms    [PDF]

Jenny Harrison

1210.4530 (Lennart Gulikers et al.)

The effect of perception anisotropy on particle systems describing
pedestrian flows in corridors

Lennart Gulikers, Joep Evers, Adrian Muntean, Alexey Lyulin