Thursday, January 10, 2013

0905.4401 (Sergiu I. Vacaru)

Black Holes, Ellipsoids, and Nonlinear Waves in Pseudo-Finsler Spaces
and Einstein Gravity

Sergiu I. Vacaru

1106.1033 (Sergiu I. Vacaru)

Hidden Symmetries for Ellipsoid-Solitonic Deformations of Kerr-Sen Black
Holes and Quantum Anomalies

Sergiu I. Vacaru

1301.1676 (Francisco M. Fern/'andez et al.)

On the eigenvalues of some nonhermitian oscillators    [PDF]

Francisco M. Fern/'andez, Javier Garcia

1301.1715 (Scott Holmes et al.)

Solitary Matter Waves in Combined Linear and Nonlinear Potentials:
Detection, Stability, and Dynamics

Scott Holmes, Mason A. Porter, Peter Kr├╝ger, Panayotis G. Kevrekidis

1301.1718 (Takuro Mochizuki)

Harmonic bundles and Toda lattices with opposite sign    [PDF]

Takuro Mochizuki

1301.1735 (Yajun Zhou)

Legendre Functions, Spherical Rotations, and Multiple Elliptic Integrals    [PDF]

Yajun Zhou

1301.1762 (David A. Goldberg)

Higher order Markov random fields for independent sets    [PDF]

David A. Goldberg

1301.1814 (Giorgio Mantica)

Computing the equilibrium measure of a system of intervals converging to
a Cantor set

Giorgio Mantica

1301.1836 (Lin Zhang et al.)

Tomita-Takesaki Modular Theory vs. Quantum Information Theory    [PDF]

Lin Zhang, Junde Wu

1301.1841 (A. C. Maggs)

Adding an energy-like conservation law to the leapfrog integrator    [PDF]

A. C. Maggs

1301.1867 (Prashant Saxena)

On the general governing equations of electromagnetic acoustic

Prashant Saxena

1301.1889 (M. Olive et al.)

Symmetry classes for even-order tensors    [PDF]

M. Olive, N. Auffray

1301.1890 (N. Auffray et al.)

Matrix representations for 3D strain-gradient elasticity    [PDF]

N. Auffray, H. Le Quang, Q. -C. He

1301.1927 (Allan P Fordy et al.)

Integrable Maps which Preserve Functions with Symmetries    [PDF]

Allan P Fordy, Pavlos Kassotakis

1301.1943 (Francisco Correa et al.)

Finite-gap twists of carbon nanotubes and an emergent hidden

Francisco Correa, Vit Jakubsky

1301.1949 (Vincenzo Aquilanti et al.)

Hamiltonian dynamics of a quantum of space: hidden symmetries and
spectrum of the volume operator, and discrete orthogonal polynomials

Vincenzo Aquilanti, Dimitri Marinelli, Annalisa Marzuoli