Thursday, January 10, 2013

1106.1033 (Sergiu I. Vacaru)

Hidden Symmetries for Ellipsoid-Solitonic Deformations of Kerr-Sen Black
Holes and Quantum Anomalies

Sergiu I. Vacaru
We prove the existence of hidden symmetries in the general relativity theory defined by exact solutions with generic off-diagonal metrics, nonholonomic (non-integrable) constraints, and deformations of the frame and linear connection structure. A special role in characterization of such spacetimes is played by the corresponding nonholonomic generalizations of Stackel-Killing and Killing-Yano tensors. There are constructed new classes of black hole solutions and studied hidden symmetries for ellipsoidal and/or solitonic deformations of "prime" Kerr-Sen black holes into "target" off-diagonal metrics. In general, the classical conserved quantities (integrable and not-integrable) do not transfer to the quantized systems and produce quantum gravitational anomalies. We prove that such anomalies can be eliminated via corresponding nonholonomic deformations of fundamental geometric objects (connections and corresponding Riemannian and Ricci tensors) and by frame transforms.
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