Monday, April 30, 2012

1004.5568 (J. A. McLaughlin et al.)

Review article: MHD wave propagation near coronal null points of
magnetic fields

J. A. McLaughlin, A. W. Hood, I. De Moortel

1008.1378 (Christophe Garban et al.)

Pivotal, cluster and interface measures for critical planar percolation    [PDF]

Christophe Garban, Gábor Pete, Oded Schramm

1010.4341 (Shiwu Yang)

Global solutions of nonlinear wave equations in time dependent
inhomogeneous media

Shiwu Yang

1110.2091 (Stephen Casey)

Kastor-Traschen Black Holes, Null Geodesics and Conformal Circles    [PDF]

Stephen Casey

1110.3524 (A. Gorsky et al.)

Random ballistic growth and diffusion in symmetric spaces    [PDF]

A. Gorsky, S. Nechaev, R. Santachiara, G. Schehr

1112.1936 (A. Borowiec et al.)

N=1/2 Deformations of Chiral Superspaces from New Quantum Poincare and
Euclidean Superalgebras

A. Borowiec, J. Lukierski, M. Mozrzymas, V. N. Tolstoy

1112.5862 (Swanhild Bernstein et al.)

Generalized splines for Radon transform on compact Lie groups with
applications to crystallography

Swanhild Bernstein, Svend Ebert, Isaac Z. Pesenson

1204.6033 (N. N. Bogolubov et al.)

Modern Classical Electrodynamics and Electromagnetic Radiation - Vacuum
Field Theory Aspects

N. N. Bogolubov, A. K. Prykarpatsky

1204.6056 (Mireille Bossy et al.)

Local existence of analytical solutions to an incompressible Lagrangian
stochastic model in a periodic domain

Mireille Bossy, Joaquin Fontbona, Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin, Jean-François Jabir

1204.6064 (Howard S. Cohl et al.)

Eigenfunction expansions for a fundamental solution of Laplace's
equation on $\R^3$ in parabolic and elliptic cylinder coordinates

Howard S. Cohl, Hans Volkmer

1204.6115 (Marcin Daszkiewicz)

Twist deformation of doubly enlarged Newton-Hooke Hopf algebra    [PDF]

Marcin Daszkiewicz

1204.6144 (Roberto Franzosi CNR)

Geometric Microcanonical Thermodynamics for Systems with First Integrals    [PDF]

Roberto Franzosi CNR

1204.6158 (G. P. Bystrai et al.)

Self-organization in the tornado: the new approach in the tornado

G. P. Bystrai, I. A Lykov

1204.6161 (Pierre Collet et al.)

Trees of nuclei and bounds on the number of triangulations of the 3-ball    [PDF]

Pierre Collet, Jean-Pierre Eckmann, Maher Younan

1204.6194 (Ł. T. Stȩpień)

The existence of Bogomolny decomposition for baby Skyrme models    [PDF]

Ł. T. Stȩpień

1204.6217 (Manuel de León et al.)

On the Hamilton-Jacobi Theory for Singular Lagrangian Systems    [PDF]

Manuel de León, Juan Carlos Marrero, David Martín de Diego, Miguel Vaquero

1204.6229 (Metod Saniga et al.)

Finite Geometry Behind the Harvey-Chryssanthacopoulos Four-Qubit Magic

Metod Saniga, Michel Planat

1204.6244 (Faouzi Ammar et al.)

Cohomology of Hom-Lie superalgebras and q-deformed Witt superalgebra    [PDF]

Faouzi Ammar, Abdenacer Makhlouf, Nejib Saadoui

1204.6263 (Dorothea Bahns et al.)

The effective theory of strings    [PDF]

Dorothea Bahns, Katarzyna Rejzner, Jochen Zahn

1204.6307 (N. Grosjean et al.)

On the form factors of local operators in the lattice sine-Gordon model    [PDF]

N. Grosjean, J. M. Maillet, G. Niccoli