Monday, April 30, 2012

1112.1936 (A. Borowiec et al.)

N=1/2 Deformations of Chiral Superspaces from New Quantum Poincare and
Euclidean Superalgebras

A. Borowiec, J. Lukierski, M. Mozrzymas, V. N. Tolstoy
We present a large class of supersymmetric classical r-matrices, describing the supertwist deformations of Poincare and Euclidean superalgebras. We consider in detail new family of four supertwists of N=1 Poincare superalgebra and provide as well their Euclidean counterpart. The proposed supertwists are better adjusted to the description of deformed D=4 Euclidean supersymmetries with independent left-chiral and right-chiral supercharges. They lead to new quantum superspaces, obtained by the superextension of twist deformations of spacetime providing Lie-algebraic noncommutativity of space-time coordinates. In the Hopf-algebraic Euclidean SUSY framework the considered supertwist deformations provide an alternative to the N=1/2 SUSY Seiberg's star product deformation scheme.
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